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The film opens with Brendan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) kneeling down near a storm drain. In front of him is the corpse of Emily (Emilie de Ravin), face-down on the ground. He stares at her and then we are brought back to two days previous, where we see Emily slip a note into Brendan’s locker. When Brendan opens the locker, the note falls out and he reads it. It’s asking him to be at a specific intersection at a specific time. He goes to the intersection and waits by the side of the road. The phone in the booth near him starts to ring and he answers it. Emily is on the other line and asks him how he’s doing. He says “status-quo”, and then he starts to talk about how long it’s been since they’ve seen each other and says that they should get together. Emily is obviously stressed, and she starts rambling on about a brick being bad, and that the pin is on it. She also mentions poor frisco and says something about a tug. Brendan tries to understand what she’s saying, but their phone call is cut short because Emily becomes scared of a passing car (it’s a black car that speeds by and throws a cigarette out the window). Brendan notices the car, then sees that a phone booth is directly across the street (Emily was there the whole time, but now she’s gone). Brendan notices that the cigarette has a blue arrow on it.

Brendan next goes to meet the Brain (Matt O’Leary) at school, where Brain quickly solves a rubrics cube. Brain mentions that it’s been a while since he’s seen Brendan, then asks what’s up. It’s revealed that Emily didn’t know Brendan’s locker number, and so she had to ask Brain. He asks if it was wrong of him to give her the number, but Brendan tells him no. He says that he just wants to find Emily and make sure she’s okay. Brain’s school bus shows up and he quickly gives Brendan Emily’s locker number. Later on, Brendan looks through her locker and notices among the pictures a peculiar black and red photo. He walks to the theatre on campus and talks with Kara (Meagan Good), who’s a student actress. She also mentions that she hasn’t seen him in a while, and during their conversation she has a freshman work as her slave. Brendan asks where Emily is because he knows she knows, but she won’t tell him. He leaves and re-enters the theatre from the back of the stage, where he sneaks into Kara’s dressing room and looks around for any clues. The thing that catches his eye is the same black and red photo that was in Emily’s locker. At the bottom of the photo is “Halloween in January” and on the back is a phone number.

Later that night, Brendan calls the number and finds out who’s it belongs to – Laura. He tells her that he’s calling about the party, but she won’t tell him because she doesn’t know him. He tells her that he has Emily’s invitation. She gives him the time and place of the party. Brendan goes to an upscale house where everyone is in a Halloween costume. Laura (Nora Zehetner) is at the piano, reciting a poem for the other guests. Amongst the kids is Brad Bramish (Brian J. White), who keeps on talking about how if the coach put him in the game he would win. Brendan plays low-key and listens to Brad’s rant until Brad notices him. Brad asks him what he’s doing there, and Brendan just says “leaving”. Brendan goes to a different part of the house and notices that Laura is following him. He fixes himself a drink and she asks him to fix her one too. They go into another room and talk about Emily. Laura tells him that Emily had a falling out with their group and the like. Brendan asks her where she is. Laura says “coffee and pie, and you didn’t hear it from me”. Brendan says “coffee and pie, oh my?” but their conversation is cut short by someone walking in and telling Laura that someone wants to talk to her. She asks Brendan to wait, but he quickly follows her outside and sees her talking with a guy in a wife-beater and white beanie, who’s a bit angry and starts shouting at her. He gets in his black car (the same one that passed by during his phone call with Emily) and drives off. Brendan leaves.

The next day he goes to the back of a restaurant that has the sign “Coffee and pie, oh my!” on the window. In the back are a bunch of stoners, which Brendan asks where Dode is. Dode (Noah Segan) reveals himself and talks with Brendan, who asks about Emily. Dode says that she doesn’t want to see him, and that he should stop asking before he gets in trouble. The stoners gather around and look threatening, but Brendan punches Dode in the face and says to the others “I got all five of my senses and I slept last night. That puts me six up on the lot of you”, which makes the others step down. Brendan slaps around Dode and he says that Emily told him to scare him away if he showed up, because all Brendan would have done would be to make things worse. Brendan tells Dode to tell Emily that he wants to talk to her today. He doesn’t want to know about her problems, but he wants to know if she wants his help. He tells Dode to tell her to meet where Brendan eats lunch. Brendan leaves.

He follows Dode around for a while and sees him meeting up with Emily. During their meeting, Dode gives her a piece of paper and she hugs him. After Emily leaves, Brendan continues to follow Dode until he gets to school, where he goes to the theatre. Brendan leaves and goes to where he eats lunch (behind the school, by himself). Emily meets up with him and says that she must have sounded crazy on the phone. She asks Brendan to just drop it and forget it. They talk about their relationship ending three months ago, and how she just couldn’t be with him anymore. She says that she’s in a different place then where he wants to be, and that he can’t protect her. She doesn’t want him to look into her troubles. They hug and Emily tells him goodbye for good. Brendan stole Emily’s little notepad while they hugged, and looks through it. In it are a bunch of little papers, including the paper Dode gave her. It has a big A on it and the word midnight underneath it. He asks Brain about it, but he doesn’t know. He says that when the upper-crust do shady deeds, they sometimes give each other symbols and codes so that word doesn’t get around. This could be one of those, but he notes that Dode shouldn’t have access to this because he doesn’t belong. Brain tells Brendan to get some sleep, and Brendan goes home.

While sleeping, he has a nightmare where Emily is at the storm drain and a plastic bag flows down the water and slashes up. He wakes up and fills in the top space of the A. He realizes that this is a symbol for the storm drain and goes to it the next morning. The drain is located behind the school’s football field, and takes a little bit of a walk to get there. When he arrives, he kneels down and covers his mouth. We are now back at the opening scene, where he finds Emily’s body. While staring at her body, he hears a noise come from the drain – footsteps. He gives chase to whoever is in the drain, but he is punched in the face by the unknown person while they escape. When he comes to, Brendan walks out and stares at Emily’s body again.

Later on, he walks to the library where Brain hangs out. He asks Brendan if Emily’s okay, but he doesn’t respond. Brendan says “Tell me to walk away Brain. Tell me to drop it”, to which Brain replies “Walk away. Drop it. But you’re thick, Brendan”. Brendan agrees (he can’t let this go), and tells Brain that he thinks he can get even with whoever was messing with Emily. Brendan needs Brain to look out for him, just like in the past, and tells him to borrow his mother’s cell phone (and to give him the number). They’ll have to meet up in public a lot more, and Brendan tells him that he’s going to start shaking things up.

During this time Brendan goes back to the storm drain and hides Emily’s body further down into the drain. He then goes back to talk with Kara, who’s smoking a cigarette outside the theatre. He figures out that she’s smoking Dode’s brand, and asks where he is. She won’t tell him, and he gives her one last chance to come clean about the entire situation or else he’s not going to spare her. She refuses, and so he leaves. Brendan later meets up with Brain, and tells him the four words Emily said that he didn’t know: brick (or bad brick), tug, poor frisco, and pin. Brain doesn’t know what brick means, says that tug might be a drink, talks about Frisco being a sophomore last year and was real trash (he might have had a class with Emily), then talks about the Pin: the Pin is a local dope-runner who sells from the lowest scraper to Brad Bramish, but he’s a bit of a local spook story and none of the junkies would have seen the Pin (because the junk goes from the Pin to several other people). Brendan knows what his next step is.

At the parking lot, Brad is doing yet another rant about the coach not putting him in the game. Laura watches from her car when she notices Brendan show up. Brad asks him what he’s doing there, and Brendan says “listening”. Brendan insults Brad’s lack of vocabulary and Brad says that maybe they should go someplace a bit more private. Brendan agrees and they both move to another section of the parking lot. Brendan puts away his glasses and starts to fight him. Brad’s a bit stronger and beats Brendan up, but Brendan kicks his foreleg repeatedly and gets some good hits in. After Brad knocks Brendan down, he puts back on his jacket and turns around to be punched in the nose by Brendan. Brad goes down for good and Brendan walks away. Laura is definitely interested in Brendan now and follows him. He tells her that he can’t trust her, and that she should go away. She says that she has connections, but he says that they would do more harm than good. He walks away and calls Brain from a pay phone, where they talk about him beating up Brad. After they talk, Brendan is greeted by Tugger aka Tug (Noah Fleiss), who’s the guy Laura talked with outside the party. Without saying anything, Tug punches him in the face and hits him repeatedly.

We next see Brendan in the assistant vice principal’s office, where AVP Trueman (Richard Roundtree) asks about the boy who hit him. Brendan won’t tell him too much and tells him that the kid asked for his lunch money (“good thing I brown-bagged it”). Brendan wants to leave right away, but Trueman won’t let him. Brendan gets worried that the wrong person can see him there and it would spell trouble for him. Trueman asks him what kind of trouble he’s in. He says that Brendan helped the office before by bringing in his drug dealer friend, but Brendan tells him “I gave him to you to see him eaten, not to see you fed”. Brendan and Trueman come up with a deal – whatever trouble Brendan’s in, Trueman will help him in any way. However, if things get too hot or if the police (aka the bulls) get involved, he will leave Brendan out to fry by himself. Brendan leaves.

Brendan goes to the football field, where he has a flashback about the end of his relationship with Emily. She got after him for ratting out the dealer, but he tells her that he did it for her (it’s also implied that Brendan was previously in the drug business with his friend). She’s the only thing he loves, but she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. She slaps him and he tries to stop her from leaving, but she winds up falling on the grass. She says that she’s in a different world than he is in, and she leaves. On his way home, Brendan walks into the parking lot of a supermarket where he sees Tug’s black car there. He picks up a piece of cement and is getting ready to break the window when he sees Tug walking towards him very angrily. Brendan puts his glasses away and is punched in the face by Tug, who afterwards tries to get inside his car. Brendan won’t hit him back, but keeps on saying that he wants to see the Pin. Tug beats him up until Brendan can’t get up anymore, and then he starts to drive away. Brendan throws a rock at his car, which makes him stop temporarily, but he drives off. As Brendan gets up, Tug drives back towards Brendan at full speed. Brendan stands his ground, and Tug’s car misses him by barely an inch. Tug agrees to take Brendan to meet the Pin (but he puts Brendan in the trunk).

Brendan breaks open the trunk while Tug drives them to the Pin’s (but he lifts the trunk down so that Tug can’t see it). Brendan studies the neighborhoods and houses that they pass by. When they arrive at the Pin’s house, Tug opens the trunk and covers Brendan’s eyes so that he can’t see what the house looks like. Tug shoves Brendan downstairs into a dark hallway and quickly goes into a lighted room. When Tug comes out, he turns on the light in the hallway and we see that it’s lined up with numerous boys/goons. Tug takes Brendan into the lighted room, which has a lowered ceiling, a giant eagle statue, and a desk. The Pin (Lukas Haas), dressed entirely in black, turns around and is very curious as to what Brendan is doing there. He’s curious because Tug brought him here, which he never does. Brendan first replies “Maybe I’ll just stand here and bleed at you”, but after the Pin makes it clear that he knows Brendan’s not afraid of him, Brendan says that maybe he will talk to Trueman about the location of the Pin’s house (turns out Brendan can perfectly describe the house, including the zip code and bad mailbox outside). Tug grabs him and starts to choke him while the Pin orders him to stop.

Brendan wakes up in a dark room, slumped against a wall. The door quickly opens and closes and Tug sits down across from Brendan in a chair. When Brendan tries to get up, Tug quickly walks over and kicks him down, then quickly sits back down in his chair. Brendan asks for his glasses, but is cut off by the Pin (who was there the whole time). The Pin asks him again what he’s doing there, and Brendan says that he’ll need his services. During this time Laura enters the room and sticks up for Brendan. Next, we see Brendan seated upstairs at the dining table with the Pin. The Pin’s mother offers Brendan some juice to go along with his cereal and offers the other boys something to drink. She kisses the Pin on the forehead and goes off to do something else in the other room. After she’s gone, the Pin and Brendan get back to business while they eat the snacks in front of them. Brendan says that since he knows where the infamous Pin lives, it puts him in quite a position. Tug again lunges at him and gets ready to break a pitcher on his face, but Pin calms him down and sends him into another room. Brendan says that he will not give his location to Trueman or the bulls in exchange for money and employment. The Pin agrees to the details, but says that tomorrow they’ll either hire him or rub him (aka kill him). Laura drives Brendan back to the school, and tries to get Brendan to trust her by reminding him what she did back at the house. Brendan is all the wiser and tells her that he trusts her even less for that and questions her angle in all this. She talks about Emily, and how she sees him trying so hard to help her and how much he loves her. She says that nobody would do that for her. Brendan tells her that she’s dangerous and walks away.

During the next day, Brain and Brendan compare notes on what’s happening and Brendan tells him to tail Kara and keep his specs peeled for Dode. Brendan visits his locker and finds a note similar to the one Emily wrote (telling him to meet at the same intersection). While reading the note, he sees a large guy walking towards him. He asks him if he’s from the Pin, and asks him what his answer is. The guy pulls out a knife and slices Brendan’s arm. Brendan drops his things and runs away while the goon gives chase all over school. Brendan’s obviously a faster runner and he can hear the goon’s heavy footsteps. Brendan turns a corner and then takes off his shoes. Listening to the goon’s footsteps, Brendan runs back towards the corner and slides his legs out. The goon trips over Brendan’s legs and lands hard against a metal pole. While the goon is unconscious, Brendan looks through his clothes (he finds mostly weed and pipes, but he finds his ID too). Brendan calls Brain and tells him what happened. He’s obviously worried, and it doesn’t help when the Pin’s van pulls up to him. Brendan tells him that if he doesn’t call back by a certain time, call the police. Brendan gets in the van and they go on a drive. The Pin hands him an envelope, which will be Brendan’s pay (he’s hiring him). The Pin tells Brendan to meet him somewhere later on, and has the driver stop the van (it turns out they just circled around the parking lot) to let Brendan out.

Brendan runs to the intersection to see that the phone is already ringing. He answers it and Dode is on the other end. Dode tells him that he’s going to burn for Emily’s death, and he reveals that he is the one who saw him in the tunnel. It’s clear that Dode wants to control Brendan and wants to see him sweat (Dode also thinks that Brendan killed Emily). After the call, Brendan calls Brain and tells him what’s happening. During this time Brendan talks with the Pin at the beach, where the Pin talks about Tolkien and how he likes his description of things. We get the idea that the Pin is a bit lonely and doesn’t quite like the life he’s leading. He tells Brendan that he’s currently in progress of moving the last brick out of ten from his suppliers (brick of course meaning a brick of drugs). Brendan mentions that it’s not good having an out of control muscle, and we see that Tug is watching them furiously from above.

The next morning Brain meets up with Brendan at school. Brain keeps him informed on the whereabouts of Kara and what she has been doing (nothing really important). He mentions that he still hasn’t found Dode and that Laura has come around asking for Brendan (who’s not sure what to make of it). Anyways, Brendan tells him to keep away from Laura when Brain shows him a newspaper article detailing the disappearance of Emily. Brain tells Brendan that Trueman was looking for him during class, to which Brendan gets pissed off and grabs Brain’s cell phone to call Trueman. Brendan asks him what he’s doing, to which Trueman replies that he wanted to question him about Emily. He was close to her, and since she’s missing they want to know what he knows. Brendan hangs up and says that he’s going to have to speed things up with the Pin.

Brendan sneaks into the Pin’s house when everyone’s gone. He searches the room with the lowered ceiling and looks through the desk. He doesn’t find much, but finds that there are more drawers on the other side of the desk. He looks through the hidden drawers and finds a big amount of money. He hears a sound coming from upstairs and quickly puts everything back together. Brendan goes to leave when he notices that there is another door on the opposite side of the hallway. He enters it, finding the room to be lighted only by a single window. He grabs a nearby mirror and uses it as a flashlight to find what’s in the room. On the ground nearby is a black plastic bag, which contains a brick of drugs. Tug comes out of nowhere and chokes Brendan, furious that he’s down there. Brendan calms him down and tells him that the Pin wasn’t being upfront with him and wasn’t telling him everything, which made him nervous. Tug stops and says that it’s understandable.

They go upstairs to the living room, where Tug talks about the Pin’s past deals and his relationship with Tug (he doesn’t tell him much when he goes to pick-up the drugs). Brendan questions him about the last brick, and Tug hesitates but says that there were some problems with it. Brendan then questions him about Emily, but Tug denies knowing her. The Pin shows up and sits down, saying that he just had a disturbing conversation with someone….someone who knows what happened to Emily. The Pin tells Brendan that she was Tug’s girl, unknowingly exposing Tug’s lie. They are going to meet at the storm drain at a certain time. Laura appears and offers to drive Brendan home. He doesn’t want to go home though – he just instructs her to drive to the nearest payphone. He tries to call Brain, but he can’t get through. He starts to cough hard, and then passes out. He wakes up with his head on Laura’s lap, with her stroking his hair. He freaks out about the time (it’s close to the meet-up) and tries to walk, but falls down. Brendan swallowed too much blood from his fights, and so he’s sick. He tells Laura to drive and park near the storm drain, and when she sees Dode to honk her horn.

Brendan walks towards the drain via the football field when Dode catches up with him on the field. Dode accuses Brendan of killing Emily, but he denies it. Brendan asks Dode if he saw the person who was in the storm drain before him (the killer), but Dode says that he only saw him and still believes that he killed her. Dode says that Brendan was upset that she was with him and that she was pregnant. Brendan didn’t know either pieces of information. Dode tells him that he would have loved the baby, but now she’s gone along with her unborn child. Brendan coughs and falls to the ground, where Dode shoves the article about her disappearance in his face and says that he’s going to burn him for Emily. Brendan passes out for a little bit and awakens to hear Laura honking her horn.

Brendan gets up and runs to the drain where Tug, the Pin, and Dode are already waiting. The Pin says that Dode claims to know who killed Emily, but that his price is a bit too high for the information. Dode keeps on telling him that it’s worth it and it’s someone very close to him. Tug stands behind Brendan, angrily tearing grass apart while listening to everything. Brendan tries to make Dode sound unworthy of their time, since he is after all a junkie. Just before he tells them who killed Emily, Tug drops the grass and jumps Dode. He feverishly beats him on the ground while the Pin orders him to stop. Tug stops and pulls out his pistol from the back of his jeans. He shoots Dode point-blank in the forehead, splattering his brains all over the wall behind him. Police sirens are heard from a distance. The Pin gets after Tug for killing Dode, but Tug points the gun at him. The Pin walks by himself down the tunnel while Tug remains with Brendan, who again coughs and passes out.

When Brendan wakes up, he is on a bed somewhere while Tug smokes in the bathroom. He tells Brendan that he just lost his anger back at the tunnel, just like how he did with Emily (thereby confirming that he killed her). Tug informs Brendan that he and the Pin are claiming war against each other along with their goons. Brendan’s now stuck right in the middle of it. Brendan tries to get up and tell Tug that he doesn’t want to pick a side, but Tug blocks his exit and makes him lay down again. He tells him to sleep some more, and that Laura told him that Brendan needs to rest now. He rests for a little bit then gets up to leave (he’s at Tug’s house, which is filled with Tug’s goons). Brendan makes his way to a payphone and talks with Brain. He asks him why he didn’t pick up the phone earlier, but he tells Brendan that a teacher took it away from him. Brain asks him if it’s true that Dode is dead, and Brendan confirms it. Brain warns him not to come to school, because the police are looking for him. Brendan tells him about the war and tells him that he’ll call him back soon.

Somewhere along here Brendan quickly goes to the theatre and confronts Kara (who’s in costume in face paint similar to a geisha) about sending Dode off to his death on purpose. She denies it and cries, then sends her freshman slave off to get something. When the freshman leaves, it turns out Kara was acting and doesn’t care about Dode being dead. Brendan gets fed up that she played him and Dode, and so he breaks her mirror in the dressing room. She tells him that he shouldn’t have gotten involved in this, and Brendan tears off her clothes and shoves her naked backstage.

Brendan goes to the Pin’s, where he acts as a negotiator of sorts. He tells the Pin that he needs to call a meeting tonight to square this whole thing out. The Pin agrees, and Laura offers to drive Brendan back to Tug’s. Brendan tells Tug that they are going to meet tonight, and that he can bring all the muscle he wants (though he won’t need it). Brendan tells Tug that it’s a good thing to talk this all out, because no one wants a war. Brendan lies back down and rests when Laura walks into the room. She brought him a wet towel to help calm him down and takes off his glasses. She puts her cigarette nearby in an ash tray and lies down next to Brendan. He starts to cry, finally showing how scared he is of this dangerous situation. Brendan thinks about Emily and then Laura kisses him. They share a moment and then calm down. Laura doesn’t want him to go tonight, because whatever’s going to happen is going to happen regardless if Brendan’s there. Brendan wants to see this thing through. While he holds Laura close, he looks at her cigarette and notices that there’s a blue arrow on it.

It’s ready to leave for the Pin’s, and Brendan wants to drive Tug’s car. Tug refuses, but Brendan convinces him that if he drives it any possible heat will be drawn onto him and not Tug, who will make it safely to the Pin’s. He then asks Tug for a cigarette, but he says that he doesn’t smoke cigarettes. Brendan drives to a payphone and calls Brain. He tells him about the meeting and asks if he can get a car. Brain says that he can “borrow” his mother’s car, so Brendan orders him to tail Laura all night. He also tells Brain to call the cops at 4:15 am to let them know that there are drugs in the house (giving the Pin’s location for the bust). Tug’s trunk opens, and Brendan sees garbage bags in the back. He closes the trunk and drives to the Pin’s house, where the Pin’s mother is serving all the goons juice and water (completely oblivious as to what’s going on). Brendan goes to the basement and enters the lighted room.

Now that everyone’s present, they work out the terms of the arrangement. The Pin wants full reassurance that any heat coming from Emily and Dode’s deaths will rest solely on Tug, and he wants six hundred dollars from Tug for the killings. Since Tug can borrow the money, Brendan is quick to make him agree to it. Brendan sees the time is getting closer and closer to 4:15. Tug agrees to the terms, but the Pin isn’t finished. The last brick – the Pin wants Tug to test it to make sure it isn’t bad. Tug refuses, and things get heated really fast until Brendan pipes up and says that he’ll take a dose to make sure it’s good. The Pin sends one his guys to retrieve the brick, along with one of Tug’s guys. It’s just about 4:15 when the Pin, Tug, and Brendan hear a lot of noises coming from upstairs. They both hear all of their goons fighting each other over the last brick, then a gunshot. The Pin’s guy comes back, bleeding from his chest and onto the floor. He tells him that the brick is gone and dies, which causes the Pin to accuse Tug of stealing it during their meeting. Tug gets furious and jumps the Pin, beating him bad. Tug pulls out his gun and Brendan struggles with him over it. The gun fires into the ceiling while everyone continues to fight each other upstairs. Brendan manages to get the gun away and starts to walk towards the door. The Pin screams for Brendan to help him, but he won’t listen to him. He walks slowly down the hallway while he hears Tug beating the Pin to death. Tug throws the Pin against the light, which breaks it. Brendan kicks Tug’s gun back into the now dark room and exits through the window in the other room (where he earlier found the brick). Police sirens sound but Brendan manages to get away undetected. We also see that in the trunk of Tug’s car is Emily’s body, wrapped in the black garbage bags (Brendan must have picked up the corpse on the way over to the Pin’s).

Brendan calls Brain and asks him what happened to Laura. Brain says that she went to the Pin’s house then went straight back to school. Brendan makes sure this is accurate, and then tells Brain to tell Laura to meet him on the football field. Brendan and Laura meet, and Laura hugs him (telling him that she’s happy he got out okay). Brendan lies and says that he didn’t go to the meeting, and asks her what happened. She says that the police found six dead bodies around the house, the Pin, Tug, and Emily. The Pin was beaten to death by Tug and Tug tried to shoot his way out (it’s implied that the police killed Tug). They found Emily’s body in his trunk, thus pinning him to Emily’s murder (and also Dode). Laura says that it’s over and tries to kiss Brendan, but he stops her. It’s not over. He started out to know who put Emily in front of the gun. It turns out it was Laura.

Emily told Laura about her being pregnant, and not knowing who the father is. Laura told her to tell Tug that it was his, and that it will maybe show his sensitive side. However, Laura previously told Tug that Emily was pregnant but didn’t like the father. Tug, being the hot-head that he is, flipped out and killed her without thinking. Laura did this so that she could blame the bad brick on Emily and poor Frisco (who overdosed on it). Emily figured out that she was being played/used by Laura, and that’s why she was afraid of Tug’s car passing by when she called Brendan (she could have only seen the driver’s side, which had Tug and Laura). Also, Laura stole the last brick last night, fully realizing that a slaughter was going to happen. This also means that she was sending Brendan to be killed along with everyone else.

Laura denies all of these things, and Brendan hopes that she’s right….because he wrote a letter to Trueman, detailing all of the events and Laura’s deception. And since Brain followed her last night and she went straight to school after stealing it, Brendan knows that the brick is either in Laura’s purse or in her locker. He wrote in the letter though that it was in her locker, and we see Trueman opening the locker and finding the brick in there. Laura is completely defeated, but tells Brendan something that he doesn’t know – she was going to take Emily to see who the real father was. However, Emily realized that she was three months pregnant. That means Brendan was the father (she broke up with him around that time). Laura then leans close and whispers something to Brendan. She turns around and starts to walk away. Brain appears and Brendan tells him that he did well. Brain tells him that he found out the attacker with the knife was hired by Brad (out of a grudge from their fight earlier). Brendan tells Brain to go home and get some sleep, but Brain asks him what Laura whispered to him. Brendan just replies “she said a dirty word”. Brain says that it’s okay that he won’t tell him and walks away. The film ends with Brendan watching Laura walking away.

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It's revealed that Tugger (Noah Fleiss) killed Emily (Emilie de Ravin), whom he had a relationship with after she broke up with Brendan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), out of jealousy of her current boyfriend Dode (Noah Segan) and the fact that Emily was pregnant. Tugger then killed Dode after Dode brought Tugger, Brendan, and The Pin (Lukas Haas) together to reveal what happened to Emily (Dode thought Brendan killed her, though Tugger killed him thinking Dode was going to put the blame on him).

After the murder of Dode, Tugger and The Pin have a late night meeting, moderated by Brendan, to make peace and to make sure The Pin, who is the biggest drug dealer in town, doesn't get implicated in the murders. Just before the deal is made, The Pin wants to make sure that his final brick of heroin is unspoiled (a previous brick went missing, in which the theft was blamed on Emily, and came back spoiled resulting in a death of a guy).

Brendan volunteered to take a dose of the heroin, but when a henchman went to get it, he found it was gone. The Pin confronts Tugger, who starts beating The Pin up. Brendan takes Tugger's gun and starts backing the way as The Pin starts calling him for help. Since Brendan arranged for the police to arrive and didn't want to get caught in the raid, he kicked the gun into the room and made a quick exit.

The next day Brendan meets with Laura (Nora Zehetner). She tells him that Tugger killed The Pin and got arrested on his way out of the house, and that he was also implicated on the murders of Dode and Emily.

Brendan then confronts Laura with the accusation that she was the one who took the brick and framed the theft on Emily and that she also took the final brick, knowing that it would result in the meeting going bad.

Brendan tells Laura that he left a note for the assistant vice principal (Richard Roundtree), whom we see opening Laura's locker and finding the brick.

Before walking alway, Laura tells Brendan that Emily wasn't pregnant with Dode's or Tugger's baby and that Brendan probably already knew who the father was (though we are never told, it's safe to assume it was Brendan). Laura then whispers something into Brendan's ear and walks away. When asked by The Brain (Matt O'Leary) what she whispered, Brendan just replies "she called me a dirty word" and stands in the field watching Laura walk away.