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This story follows Giovanni Ribisi (Seth) as he starts out running a casino out of his own basement, and eventually makes his way up to a top stock broker.

His break comes when a friend of his gets him interested in getting into the stock industry. He agrees to do this partly because of all the money and also because he wants to please his dad who was angry he was running an illegal casino out of his own house. The fact that his dad was a judge didn't help matters either. So, he agrees and heads to the firm, which is far removed from the city although everyone inside treats it as though they were right on Wall Street.

He learns that he'll have to go through a special course to become a broker with the company. He has to be an assistant and get people interested in buying stocks so that when a real broker calls back a month later, the consumer is still interested. Giovanni is incredibly intelligent and soon enough, has the required amount of sells to his name to start working for himself.

Over the course of the first few months of his employment, however, he learns that the firm is corrupt. They are selling people artificial stocks that start high and then crash, so they get all the money and the stock buyers are screwed. He is having more and more trouble dealing with this until finally he is arrested by the FBI, who has been watching the firm, and Giovanni in particular, because they had gotten to his girlfriend and she helped them.

Before being arrested, he had tried to go in on a deal with his dad and make a lot of money, but it would have been illegal, so his dad refused. The next day however, his dad called him and told him that while he wouldn't go in with him, he'd help him so he didn't get caught. The FBI had that conversation tapped so now they have Giovanni's father in custody as well.

In order to let his father go he makes a deal. If they do let him go, he'll tell them everything they could possibly want to know about the firm. They accept and he goes to work the next day as though nothing happened. He gets all the info on his computer onto a disk and as he's leaving the feds are pulling up and making their raid.

Spoiled by: Breadfan87@hotmail.com

Seth: Cuts a deal with the FBI to get him and his father off.