Cuba Gooding
Jerry Maguire
Horatio Sanz
Road Trip
Victoria Silvstedt


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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Emilia Moran.

The film starts with Jerry (Cuba Gooding Jr.) preparing his proposal to his girlfriend Felicia (Vivica A. Fox).

They are on a hot-air balloon that he’s rented when he gets sick and throws up on her because he gets motion sickness. She’s horrified. When he proposes, she says no, she’s found someone else. After 6 months, Jerry continues to mope and stare at his Felicia computer screensaver. His friend Nick (Horatio Sanz) convinces him that a cruise is just what he needs to cheer up. At the travel agency, they anger the travel agent, who gets back at them for being rude to his lover by booking them on a gay cruise.

They board and set sail not realizing that there are no women.

When they finally get the picture, Jerry gets drunk and slips into the pool. He’s saved by Gabriela (Rosalyn Sanchez) the cruise dance instructor. She brings him back to his room and assumes Nick is his boyfriend. The next morning, Swedish bikini models and their coach are rescued by the ship. Nick immediately makes the acquaintance of Inga (Playboy playmate Victoria Silvstedt).

Jerry searches for Gabriela.

That night as he’s again walking by the pool, he again falls after she says “Hey, you.” Nick arranges a date with Inga, but her coach interferes.

Jerry manages to convince Gabriela that he’s gay by taking her dancing class with Nick, commenting on the décor of the ship, and taking lessons from a very-gay Hector (Maurice Godin). Every time Gabriela would comment on something hetero of Jerry, he would do the “wrist-break,” or snap, or humming “I will survive.” Meanwhile Nick tried spending time with Inga, dodging her coach, and refusing the many advances of Lloyd (Roger Moore). Jerry also joins Gabriela’s cruise show and Nick suspects he’s gay after spending the night with a guy named Ron.

While spending a day on an island, Nick tells Inga he’s gay and says good-bye. Ron then tells him they only slept because they were too drunk. Nick tries to catch up to Inga to no avail. Jerry and Gabriela kiss that then have sex under an orange tree. Afterwards, she tells him they can’t spend time together because he’s gay and she’s in love with him.

Felicia tracks down Jerry through her father and boards the ship. She tries to reach him but he’s not in, so she stays. Later Felicia meets Gabriela on an elevator, and is informed that it’s a gay cruise. Jerry fills in for the lead in the show and shocks Felicia, who runs out after the number. Jerry runs after her, and explains everything. Gabriela hears, and punches him, causing him to fall into the pool again. He and Felicia reunite and head home for their wedding. Jerry tells Nick that he has nothing to worry about—he’s going to work for Felicia’s father, she bought him new clothes, and they are even going to be buried side-by-side when they die.

Nick realizes that Jerry’s unhappy, and stops the ceremony claiming that he and Jerry are in love.

They leave the church and run to a firetruck, and find Hector waiting for them. En route to the airport, Nick informs Jerry that Gabriela’s new cruise has set sail and they have chartered a plane through Lloyd. Jerry and Lloyd then skydive onto the cruiseship and land in the pool (of course). Jerry apologizes and Gabriela hesitates but forgives him. Nick travels to Inga’s hometown and learns from her parents that she’s in Italy. He meets her sister, who is also becoming a model. His happiness is shortlived when the coach arrives.

The end


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