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NOTE: Wow, what a crazy film this is. I'll try to do my best to explain it but to be honest, as I'm writing this, I'm still not quite sure what happened...

The movie begins with a quick recap of the BLAIR WITCH hysteria that happened a year earlier after the fictional film was made there in Burketsville. It shows how now, everyone is capitalizing on the fad and it centers in on Jeff Donovan. He is an entrepreneur who has is own Blair Witch business, selling hats, shirts and all other sorts of items at his little shop and on ebay.

He decides to run a tour group for the first time and they will spend the night at the remains of the house made famous in the movie.

Four people sign up for the tour; A yuppie couple (Stephen and Tristen) writing a book about group fear and the occult, a young girl named Erica that claims to be a witch and practices in the Wiccan faith, and another very goth girl, Kim, who's there just because she thought the movie was cool.

They hike in to the site and Jeff sets up cameras everywhere so he can record anything if it happens. Later that night another group shows up with a tour of their own. They argue about who should be there but Stephen sends them on a wild goose chase making up stories about things they saw earlier. The 2nd group leaves.

Now the party begins. Break out the pot and beer. They spend the next hour or so, drinking, smoking, telling stories and having just a great time around the campfire.

In the morning it appears to be snowing and it wakes everyone up. It's not snow though, it's Stephen and Tristen's manuscript that has been shredded and is floating to the ground. When they look around they discover that all the camera equipment is either destroyed or missing.

They're pretty freaked and think it's the other tour group that did it. Kim (the goth girl) has a vision of where the tapes are. She says they are hidden under some rocks in the same place that Heather's tapes were found in the original film. Sure enough there they are.

Suddenly, Tristen isn't feeling very well. We look down and she is bleeding from her crotch. They rush her to the hospital where she has a miscarriage.

She's having strange dreams in the hospital and just wants to get out of there. They all go to Jeff's house, an old abandoned warehouse full of video equipment.

They watch the tapes but nothing happens except for a strange section where it changes from 1am to 6 am. Wonder what happened during this time? They can see an image on one frame that after doing some video magic, determine that it is Erica dancing around a tree naked.

For the next day they all have crazy dreams and visions about witches, children dying and lots of screaming. They are convinced that they brought something back with them from the site.

Erica starts praying to the wicca gods or whatever they are. Tristen slowly gets crazier and crazier. Kim just wants to get a beer.

She leaves and goes to a convenience store where the clerk gives her a little attitude because of her appearance. She wont sell Kim the beer and Kim just throws some money at her and takes the beer.

Back at home they can't find Erica. Only her clothes are there where she was doing her prayers. After a search they find her dead in a closet.

The sheriff calls Jeff and lets him know about a group of five tourists that were killed in the woods just like the five boys from the first movie. Turns out they were the ones that were at the camp the same time as them. The sheriff is convinced that Jeff is involved since Jeff earlier was a mental patient and is now obsessed with the whole Blair Witch thing.

Tristen comes back and tells everyone the key to the missing section on the video is to run it backwards. They do.

They are all shocked to see that after all their drinking and smoking, they all started ripping up the manuscript, have sex and destroy the video equipment. Then we see Tristen put the tapes under the rocks and smile at the last remaining camera when she's through.

They are now convinced that Tristen is a witch and she must have killed Erica. Tristen says she's not Tristen anymore and leads them up to a balcony. She wraps a rope around her neck and while trying to stop her, Stephen accidentally pushes her off the ledge, hanging and killing her.

The police arrive and take them all away.

The news media are there and are blaming yet another violent film that leads the youth of today to violence.

While being interrogated Kim is accused of killing the convenience store girl. They show her a tape from the store that shows her killing the girl with the girl's nail file.

Next is Stephen and he claims it was an accident. They all watch a tape of Tristen screaming for her life as they tie a rope around her neck and push her off the balcony claiming she was a witch.

Then they show a tape of Jeff not killing her but picking up the dead body of Erica and hiding her in the closet.

Finally they have a tape that shows the five of them, after all their partying at the camp, tracking down the other group and cutting them all up and placing them in the same positions as the five young boys from the original Blair Witch legend.

the film ends

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Thinking they brought evil back from the Blair Witch site, she does her wiccan-prayers.
They all start freaking out with their crazy dreams and accusations about who killed who...
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