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Bad Boys


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The movie begins as we see Martin Lawrence playing Jamal Walker, a worker at the run down Medieval World theme park near South Central LA. All the workers have just found out that a new highly financed medieval park will be opening soon nearby and Lawrence tries to convince his owner that now is the time to cash out. She's a little disappointed in Lawrence and has him clean out the moat.

While cleaning it he sees a necklace with a medallion floating in the water. He reaches down after it and as soon as he grabs it, he falls in.

Next scene is Lawrence popping out of a lake in the countryside. On shore is a haggard old man named Knolte who appears to be homeless and drunk. He helps Lawrence out of the lake but as they're talking, the old man passes out. Lawrence is just about to give him mouth to mouth but first sprays some breath freshener into the old man's mouth. The freshener awakens the old man and he thanks Lawrence for saving his life and offers him some food.

Lawrence says thanks anyway and heads off to find the town.

He walks through the woods until he comes across a huge castle. He thinks it's the new park that is about to open and is pretty impressed at how authentic it looks. The guards won't let him in and ask where he's from. He tells them he's from Normandy street and since the King is expecting a messenger from the Duke of Normandy, he is let in to see the King. The Duke is soon to wed the King's daughter.

For the next half hour of the movie he walks around thinking it's the new park and everyone inside are actors. He meets Victoria, one of the Kings chamber maids.

It isn't until that Lawrence witness an actual beheading that the king is so proud of that Lawrence realizes that he is actually in the 1300's.

Turns out that Victoria is actually part of the rebellion against the King. she has a medallion just like the one Lawrence found and it is the symbol of the old monarchy. The current King murdered the old King and took over the throne. Victoria and her people are trying to find the right time to kill the new King.

At dinner the King asks Lawrence to show everyone how they dance in France and Lawrence works with the band a little and ends up doing a nice little soul number.

The King's daughter is VERY impressed with Lawrence.

The head of the King's security, Percival, knows there is something just not right with Lawrence and is ready to kill him. Just before he does, Lawrence avoids it by swinging off the second floor balcony and knocking over a couple of rebellion men who were just about to stab the King. The King is so impressed with the fact that Lawrence saved his life that he names him the new head of security and sets him up with any chamber maid he wants.

Later that night, it's dark and a girl looking like Victoria climbs into bed with Lawrence. In the morning the real messenger from Normandy arrives. Next thing we know, the King storms into Lawrence's room only to find his daughter in bed with him. Lawrence is shocked to find out that it was the King's daughter and not Victoria.

The messenger says that the Duke will never wed the King's daughter now that she has been soiled.

The King orders the beheading of Lawrence and the rest of the rebellion forces they caught.

Just as he's about to be beheaded, Knolte (the old man from the lake) saves them and they all escape. Turns out that Knolte is actually Sir Knolte, the Knight in charge of the old Kings security. They make their way to a hiding place in the woods.

They are eventually found out and the camp is destroyed leaving only a few left with the rest having been brought back to the castle. One of ladies in the rebellion turns out to be the old Queen. She wants to give a speech to rally everyone left to fight for their cause. She however is horrible at making a speech so Lawrence steps in to speak for her. He uses famous lines from just about every speech he can think of and the troops get pumped up.

Next is a few minutes showing a boot camp like training to teach all the medieval men how to fight.

Knolte leads the men and they arrive at the castle but it's empty. There's not a soul around. As they wander inside they are suddenly surrounded by soldiers. They have been ambushed. A huge fight breaks out and the old soldiers are holding up pretty well using all the techniques Lawrence taught them.

They are really outnumbered though and just when it looks like they will fail, Lawrence arrives in a Knights outfit that he painted black. There was a legend of the Black Knight that everyone talked about that could breathe fire.

Using a lighter and his breath freshener, Lawrence breathes fire and everyone assumes the Black Knight has appeared. They are completely fooled until Lawrence clumsily falls off his horse and it is revealed that it is Lawrence.

All hell is breaking out now down below and Lawrence sees up above that Percival has Victoria. He is also arguing with the King and gets so frustrated with the King that he throws him over the wall, presumably to his death. Lawrence arrives and he frees Victoria and he and Percival have a sword fight. Just as Lawrence is about to be killed, a wounded Sir Knolte fires an arrow into and killing Percival.

The crowd cheers as now both the King and Percival have been defeated. They begin shouting "Long live the Queen."

The next scene is back at the lake as the Queen is about to "Knight" Lawrence, naming him Sir Jamal. Lawrence closes his eyes and when he opens them, the Queen is now an EMT worker trying to revive him from his near drowning at the park.

Once revived the owner tells him that he's right and she's going to sell the park. Lawrence tells her that she can't; she must put up a fight.

A month or so later, the park is thriving and Lawrence is walking around and sees a girl that looks just like Victoria. They talk for a little and make plans for a date. She leaves and Lawrence realizes that he didn't get her number. As he races out of the park to find her he gets bumped and falls into the moat.

When he wakes up he is in the Roman Coliseum, about to be attacked by lions.


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