There is almost no action in this movie whatsoever.

It all centers in a hotel room with the three stars just talking to each other. Spacey is a very blunt, crude and fast talking lubricant salesman. He and his partner Danny DeVito are trying to lure in a big client for the ultimate sale. They bring along with them young Peter Facinelli, a newly married, very Christian co-worker who is attending his first sales convention.

The three of them host a party at their hospitality suite with Facinelli tending bar and DeVito and Spacey looking for the client... the Big Kahuna. The party ends with no luck. Spacey is furious with DeVito for 1st, having a very small suite with cheap appetizers and 2nd, for not speaking with the client beforehand, making sure he would be there.

After finally mentioning the client's name to Facinelli, the young salesman tells them that he spent the whole night talking to him at the bar. The client gave him his card and told him he would be at a very exclusive party later that evening and invited Facinelli to it.

Spacey and DeVito can't believe it and tell him to go to the party, give him their cards and set up a meeting with him in the morning. When he gets back from the party, Facinelli tells them he spent the entire party talking with him however he never mentioned their company or lubricants. Instead, Facinelli spent the night talking to him about Jesus Christ.

Spacey is outraged and gets into a fight with Facinelli. At first it is just verbal abuse then it gets physical. DeVito breaks them up and Spacey gets back his composure and leaves.

Devito has a soul searching talk with Facinelli telling him that Spacey is really a great man. Facinelli thinks of him only as a slick salesman with a hot temper and blunt personality. DeVito disagrees explaining to him that we are all salesman whether we are selling lubricants, "Nothing Down" theories or even selling Jesus Christ.

The next morning as all the convention attendees are leaving, Spacey just grins as he passes Facinelli still "selling" to the Big Kahuna.

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