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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by D. Verma.

The movie begins with Jack Wyatt (Will Ferrell) on the way to meet his agent and two producers to begin a remake of the classic series "Bewitched"  Basically Jack is a washed up, pompous actor whose last movie "Last Year in Katmandu" made less money in the box office than what it cost to produce. The media is making fun of him and his ex-wife screwed him over and cheated on him with an underwear model. 

He meets up with his agent (Jason Schwartzman) who convinces him that this Television Series is a good idea and they talk to the producers who are excited that Jack at first isn't concerned about just himself as the one and only starring role in the show.  However, his agent pulls him aside and tells him to be the sheriff of ballsville, to which Jack responds by going back to the producers and insisting they cast a nobody in the role of Samantha.  They finally agree and the search begins.

Meanwhile, Isabelle Bigalo (Nicole Kidman) has just moved to the Valley and through the use of magic, rents an apartment (that wasn't up for rent) magically produces a car, furniture, etc.  She gets a visit from her father (Michael Caine), who isn't happy that she's trying to live a normal, magic free life, but she is determined not to use magic anymore.

One day Jack sees Isabelle in a book store and she is wriggling her nose, just like Samantha did on the old show and he begs her to be on the show.  In a funny scene where he does an improv audition with her about being a witch she answers honestly with witty remarks i.e. my mother fixed the 1969 world series, which everyone thinks is funny and don't realize she's being honest.

She gets the part and they have the press junket where they also introduce Iris (Shirley MacLaine) as Endora, Samantha's mother on the show.

They start making the first 2 episodes, except Isabelle doesn't have any lines whatsoever and is hardly on screen.  She happens to hear Jack's agent telling him that she is just making Jack look good. Jack doesn't say anything as he is beginning to have feelings for her, but Isabelle gets mad and she decides to sabatoge a scene by using her magic but her TV mother Endora notices.

Later at home, Isabelle's aunt Clara decides to put a hex on Jack, making him fall head over heels for Isabelle and thinking and talking about her all the time.  All goes well but there is too much wolf bain in the hex and this makes Jack super enthusiastic and sensitive and crazy.

Isabelle feels bad, so after they have one date. She rewinds time to just before the hex and makes sure it never happens.  The next morning it's the same old self centered Jack, who is upset about his ratings on the show, while Isabelle's are much higher and and he yells at her but she calls him a jerk and completely reams him out in front of everyone, then quits. 

Jack has a revelation and asks her to come back and says sorry for being a jerk and is happy that she told him he was because no one has ever said that to him.  Things are good again and the show is really taking off .

Meanwhile Jack and Isabelle are hitting it off and have a wonderful date and the next morning at work can't keep their eyes off each other. Suddenly Jack's ex-wife walks in and wants to get back together and a jealous Isabelle uses magic to make the ex-wife say she is signing the divorce papers right away and moving out of his house for good.

Jack has a party to celebrate that he has his house back and everyone is there, including Isabelle's father, who has a crush on Endora (who as it turns out is a witch herself in real life and uses magic so that Isabelle's father doesn't hit on any other women)

Isabelle decides to tell Jack she's a witch and he doesn't believe her until she finally gets mad and flies off on her broomstick to which Jack completely freaks out.

Isabelle quits the show at this point and they are trying to find a new Isabelle but both Jack and Isabelle are completely miserable without each other. 

Finally Jack gets a visit from the Weird Uncle Al character (from the original Bewitched series) who asks him why he's miserable and how does he know that Isabelle isn't using magic to make him feel love for her.  Jack says he knows that she isn't and suddenly realizes he has to find her and asks Uncle Al where she is and Uncle Al says that she flew home, which is where she was the happiest in her life. 

Jack realizes that home for Isabelle is on the set of the show, since she was the happiest there, looking for love and Uncle Al drives him there and he sees her and they declare their love for one another

The movie ends with the show being a big hit and Jack and Isabelle moving into a house together that looks just like the bewitched house on TV and her magically planting flowers and trees in the front yard, while a nosy neighbor (Amy Sedaris) fainting at the sight of growing trees.

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