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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Angela!

The movie begins with Barry B. Benson (Jerry Seinfeld) getting up to go to his graduation.  He has gone to grade school for three days, high school for three days, and college for three days, and today is graduation day. 

The humor in the movie is set up immediately… as Barry is picking his wardrobe for the day, he goes through his closet – and all of the shirts are the exact same – and he says “Yellow and black, yellow and black, yellow and black, black and yellow all right! Shake it up a bit!”

In the car, with his buddy Adam (Matthew Broderick), they are chitchatting about graduation day then Adam asks if Barry heard about one of their friends, who died, and is he planning to go to his funeral.  Barry says, “No way! Everyone knows if you sting someone you die, why waste it on a squirrel? He was such a hothead.”  Barry explains later that being a bee is a lot about self control, not losing your temper and such.

After graduation, the bees will be expected to pick their job in the hive – the job they’ll have for the rest of their life!  Everyone is pretty nervous.  Graduation lasts about a minute and immediately all the worker bees go on an orientation of the hive. 

Adam is intrigued right away with the job of krelman, which scoops the very last drop of honey out of each pot and puts it in a new pot.  Barry’s dad, we learn, was a stirrer.  Other jobs include the Pollen Jocks, generally big muscular bees who go out of the hive and cross-pollinate and collect honey, and various R&D bees, some that test new “helmet technology” and “hurricane technology” for the Pollen Jocks that go outside the hive.  There are lots of jobs to choose from. 

After the overwhelming orientation, Adam and Barry are talking near the front of the hive when a bunch of Pollen Jocks come in from being out.  The have their leather jackets and helmets on, they have their various tools that help collect pollen, etc., and they are all around very cool – and covered with pollen. A couple of them “shake off” and some pollen lands on Barry and Adam.  Some young girl bees unknowingly start fawning over Barry and Adam, but the Pollen Jocks see this and try to embarrass them in front of the girls (since of course, Barry and Adam aren’t real Pollen Jocks).  The Jocks challenge them both to come out for a “real ride” the next day.  Adam is of course instantly terrified, but you can tell Barry likes the idea.

The next day, Barry goes out with the Pollen Jocks. He just kind of blends in and takes off, even though he doesn’t have any equipment or anything.  He follows them around and sees a huge park that their hive is located in, with lots of colorful flowers.  One Pollen Jock explains to him that their job is not only to gather honey, but to cross-pollinate, taking pollen from one plant and sprinkling it somewhere else, so that grows more plants, meaning more pollen and more honey. 

In the park is a tennis court that Barry and a couple Pollen Jocks unknowingly land in.  Of course there is a tennis ball there and after one of the jocks almost gets stuck to the ball, Barry has to try it and he gets hit little hands stuck in the ball’s fur.   The tennis players pick up the ball and start hitting it back and forth and Barry miraculously doesn’t get squashed.  Instead one of the players lobs it over the fence and it lands in the middle of the street. 

A car passes over it, and Barry becomes unstuck because of the wind force, but then he is swept into the undercarriage of the car and ends up in its vent system and then out one of the vents and inside the car.  Of course the people freak out, but instead of getting squashed he manages to get out the window.  He flies up up up and starts to see rain clouds… uh oh.  Bees can’t fly when their wings are wet.  He tries to outrun the sprinkling but his wings get wet and he lands on the windowsill of a girl’s apartment.  He is stunned for a second, and the girl closes the window.  This is the part from the trailer where he keeps running into the window, trying to get out. “This time, this time, this time,” but to no avail.  He knocks himself out and falls onto the coffee table, where the girl’s boyfriend seems him, freaks out, and tries to squash him with his shoe.  But the girl (Renee Zellweger) saves Barry, telling her boyfriend, Ken (Patrick Warburton, or Putty from Seinfeld), “what makes his life less valuable then yours?” She catches Barry in a cup and releases him into the patch of flowers in her window planter. 

He hangs out there for awhile and waits for the boyfriend to go, then decides he is going to break the cardinal rule of bee-life, and thank her for saving him.  He makes it into her kitchen and finally speaks. She is stunned.  She even stabs herself with a fork to be sure it’s real.  She introduces herself as Vanessa and asks him if he wants a cup of coffee and they visit.  She even gives him a crumb of coffee cake or something that he takes with him.

Back at the hive, his mom and dad are upset at how elusive he’s being in choosing his new job.  The truth is, he’s just so intimidated but he also likes hanging out with Vanessa.  He tells Adam and his family that he’s “met someone” and they can’t believe it.  When he tells them she’s a human, they are even more incredulous. 

Adam gets the guts and goes up to choose a job, but as soon as he says “krelman,” the job is full; then a second later, it’s open again.  See, as soon as someone dies their job opens up, so it’s a constant process.  The job-ticker kind of looks like an airport departure/arrival sign combined with a stock exchange ticker, and always is moving.  When it’s Barry’s turn, he just can’t choose.

Barry continues to visit with Vanessa.  She’s a florist who loves flowers, so they are good together.  As a funny side story, Ken really hates him.  One time at Vanessa’s place, Ken is upset she is canceling movie night or something like that for a bee, and when she isn’t looking he traps Barry in the bathroom and tries to squash him, with a 75-page Vanity Fair (Barry had said earlier that getting hit with 75 pages is about all a bee can withstand).  Ken gets Barry into the toilet (wet wings, can’t fly!) and tries to flush him, but heroically, Barry rides an emory board out of the toilet swirly like a surfboard.  Pretty impressive.  Ken is foiled again! And Vanessa sends him packing.

On one particular visit, Barry goes into a store with Vanessa. He see rows and rows and shelves and shelves of honey. He can’t BELIEVE IT!!  Humans, selling honey?  Ray Liotta brand honey? HONEY BEAR brand honey?  Bees hate bears!  Vanessa tells him how honey is in everything, like lotions and shampoos, and humans use it for lots of stuff. 

Barry confronts the store owner one day and gets out of him that the honey comes from a truck every week. The next time a shipment comes, Barry follows the truck.  It’s headed to “Honey Farms.”  The trip there is pretty funny, since the trucks travel pretty fast and most bugs clamp onto the windshield for dear life.  As Barry joins a bunch of bugs, they all tell him “Stay still! We don’t want him to turn on the wipers!  Those humans always need everything so clean!”  Unfortunately some bug moves and they all have to scramble to hold on to something else as the wipers go back and forth.  At first Barry grabs the radio antenna, but eventually he ends up in a groove above the cab of the truck.  With him is Mooseblood the Mosquito (Chris Rock), who is pretty funny.  They pass a blood bank truck and Mooseblood waves goodbye, as it’s his lucky day.

When Barry gets to Honey Farms he sees rows of metal box hives, the “bee farms.”  He meets a few of the bees in them and they all look overworked, as essentially all the honey they make is stolen.  The framed picture of the “queen bee” on the wall of their home in the hive is a bearded male bee in drag.  Barry tells them they’ve been duped.

So, Barry decides to sue the human race, specifically the top honey companies, for the rights of the honey he and all bees everywhere have made.  The media picks it up and can’t believe a bee can talk, much less sue, so everyone is excited for the jury trial.  Barry even goes on Bee Larry King to talk about it. 

At the trial, Barry is representing himself and the bees at the court case, and the honey companies have a hot shot lawyer, Layton Montgomery (John Goodman).  Adam and Vanessa are on Barry’s legal team.

As a joke, when he makes his opening statement (remember at this point no one but Vanessa, Ken, and the store owner he confronted have heard the bee talk) he says “buzz buzz bbzzzz” and then says “just kidding. Ha ha.”  

The trial calls a couple witnesses.  For the bees, they bring in a bear that makes an uproar in the courtroom with its growling and slobbering.  Barry points out that such an animal is a bad representation of honey, and the humans were the ones that idiotically paired the two in honey marketing (or something like that).  The bees call Sting (the singer, from the Police) to the stand and give him a hard time for using the term Sting as his fancy stage name, instead of just his real name.  They prove he has been capitalizing on the reputation bees have worked to create. 

Layton Montgomery, in response to this, decides to play to the bees’ weakness.  He knows if can get at least one of them mad enough, he’ll get stung and the jury will have sympathy and side with him.  He calls Barry as a witness and starts questioning Barry’s character, like does he share a bed with Vanessa and stuff like that, pretty ridiculous stuff.  Barry sees through the act and knows what he’s trying to do, but Adam doesn’t.  He gets all worked up and stings the lawyer right in the butt. He loses his stinger and it looks like Adam might die.

They show Barry visiting Adam in a hospital room.  Adam has honey hooked up to him like morphine, and he says they found a new stinger for him the cafeteria.  He shows it, and it’s one of those pirate sword toothpicks you find in sandwiches.  At least Adam has a new stinger, and he’ll live.

Finally, the trial is over and the amazingly, the verdict is for the bees.  Humans have to stop using honey without permission.  It comes out of all lotions and shampoos where it is an extraneous ingredient.  They show them taking the pot of honey from Winnie the Pooh.  Ray Liotta has to shut his company down.  The best part about all this for the bees is that since they have such an abundance of honey, they stop working.  Their reserves are overflowing.  They stop with their jobs, the hives shut down, and all the bees just relax by their honey pools. 

As a result, we see that all of the trees and plants are slowly dying.  The city turns very very gray.  Fruits and vegetables are also not growing.  Vanessa’s shop has to close since there are no more flowers. 

Barry visits Vanessa one day and realizes what a mess he’s made.  He doesn’t know what to do, but Vanessa has an idea.  That weekend in Pasadena, California, is the Rose Parade (which is famous and happens in real life, one of my friends told me).  If they can go to Pasadena and bring some roses home, and get the bees back to work, they might be able to save the city. 

She and Barry head to Pasadena where they hijack one of the parade floats and drive it onto an airplane headed back to New York.   She and Barry take their seats in coach, and during the flight the pilot makes an announcement that there are some weather problems and they’ll be delayed several hours.  Vanessa of course freaks out about this, because the cut flowers won’t make it and will die.  Barry decides to go up and talk to the captain, but of course the two co-pilots try to squash him and end up squashing each other and then fall passed out on the cockpit floor. 

Barry announces over the loudspeaker for Vanessa to report to the cockpit and she does and sees the passed-out pilots.  Fortunately, the plane is on autopilot but they’ve got to figure out how to get it to New York and land it.

Meanwhile, somehow bees have a sixth sense or something and the other bees from Barry’s hive know he is in trouble.  They decide to mobilize and we see them flying toward the plane, which is now much closer to New York but still in trouble because of the weather – and lack of pilot. 

The bees – thousands of them – fly up to the plane, get underneath it, and manage to take control of it and land it safely on the runway at the airport.  It’s all very dramatic and impressive.  There are even bees on the runway signaling to the bees carrying the plane exactly where to land.  As soon as the plane lands, out falls the float of flowers.  The bees immediately get to work taking pollen from the flowers and re-pollinating the city. 

In the end, Barry is made an official Pollen Jock, which is awesome since he never thought he’d become one since he was so small.  But, as is pretty obvious, it’s the only job he could probably stand to do for the rest of his life at the hive.  He and Vanessa stay friends, and she actually expands her business to include flowers, honey, and insect and animal legal advice, by Barry.  Mooseblood the Mosquito joins Barry as a law partner, saying “Hey! I was already a blood-sucking parasite, all I needed was a briefcase!”  You see Barry offering advice to a cow who is upset they take her milk and drink it, make cheese, etc., and she doesn’t see a dime.  Adam becomes a krelman and works happily ever after. The hive is back in business and life is good. 

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Jerry Seinfeld plays Barry Benson a bee just graduating from college. He and his friend Adam Flayman (Matthew Broderick) have to pick a job in the bee hive that they will have to do for the rest of their lives. Barry sneaks out of the hive with the bees that polinate flowers and sees the world. He isn't supposed to talk to humans but after Vanessa (Rene Zellweger) saves his life he talks to her.

During his adventures outside of the hive he discovers humans consume honey (he finds Ray Liotta brand honey at a supermarket.) With the help of Vanessa he sues the major food companies that produce honey from bee hives and wins. The bees have so much honey that they stop working for the first time in history and stop polinating flowers resulting in flowers dying all over the world. After some convincing, and a trip to Pasadena's Rose Parade to get the only fresh flowers that are still around, Barry gets the bees to work again. At the end, he opens a law firm inside Vanessa's flower shop where he is consulting with a cow who is upset because humans use all of the cow's cheese, milk, and other products.

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