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Brendan Fraser works in a large office where everyone is in their own little cubicle and he tries to be friends with everyone but he just over-does it.
He tries to be so kind and wants to be a part of the group so bad that he scares everybody off.

One night after work he goes into a local bar and is surprised to see four of his co-workers there since they had all claimed they were busy that night. He sits down with them and sees Alison, a beautiful young woman from the office walk in. His co-workers see how he stares at her and joke with him about his interest in her. He goes over to talk with her and she doesn't even know who she is. He said he talked to her about a year ago but she couldn't remember. His friend at the table laugh at him and Alison walks away.

He's deeply hurt and says that he'd sell his soul if she would only liked him. Suddenly, Elizabeth Hurley appears at the pool table and beckons Brendan to come to her. She tries to convince him that she's the devil and will grant him 7 wishes if he signs his soul over to her. He's naive but he really thinks she's kind of crazy. They leave the bar and walk out and she says that she'll give him a wish to prove she's the devil. He says that right now all he wished for was a "big mac" and a coke. She say's lets go for a walk. They walk to McDonalds and she orders a big mac and a coke, makes him pay for it, then tells him that his wish has been granted.

They finally end up at her office where she convinces him that she's the devil and also convinces him top sign the contract.

His first wish is to be married to Alison and to be rich and powerful. She makes him a Colombian drug lord, rich, powerful, and married to Alison but she is cheating on him with his second in command. Alison's lover takes over the Drug Empire and Brendan is forced to flee, hanging from a helicopter. He falls and signals the devil that he wants out and lands on a car in front of Hurley, dressed as a policewoman.

His next four wishes all go bad as well…

He wishes to be an emotionally sensitive human that Alison would adore but he's so sensitive that he drives her away.

He wishes to be a man of importance and do something wonderful for the world so he becomes Abraham Lincoln at Fords Theater.

He wishes to be wealthy, strong and athletic so she makes him a superstar basketball player that Alison adores. Alison is a reporter that flirts with him in the locker room but when he opens his towel to get dressed, she looks down at him, seeing his shortcomings and leaves.

He wishes to be an intelligent, caring person and adored by everyone and she makes him an author. Alison meets him and immediately wants to go home with him. They get to his house and find his male partner there. He is gay….

Brendan thinks he has two more wishes left, but the devil informs him he only has one since his first wish was for the big mac.

He refuses to make another wish because he doesn't want to lose his soul. Hurley says it doesn't matter. She's going to throw him down into hell anyway. The next scene is the two of them in hell and Hurley is a hideous looking devil.

Brendan Fraser makes his last wish.

He wishes that Alison would have a happy life.

The scene shifts and we see Brendan and Hurley talking in a legal building. It seems that the contract he signed had an escape clause. If you use any of your wishes to help other people, it voids the contract.

Brendan goes back to work and meets Alison walking into the building. He talks to her and she responds in a friendly matter. He has learned from his experiences and is more confident in himself. He asks her out and she says that she's seeing someone.

After work, he goes home. A young woman is moving into his apartment complex. She looks amazingly like Alison and they hit it off from the first second of their meeting.

The film ends with them walking in a park above San Francisco harbor.

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Brendan sells his soul to Hurley but the deal is cancelled after he does a good dead with one of his 7 wishes
As a rich and powerful Colombian drug lord with Alison by his side
Here's the original 1967 film starring Dudley Moore, Peter Cook and Raquel Welch