NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Michael G.The movie opens with a car speeding around London at 110mph. The camera moves in to show Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) driving along, with a male passenger who is obviously drugged. As they drive faster, she grabs his hand and begins to masturbate, as she speeds up. Eventually, the car crashes off of a bridge as she climaxes, into the water. The drugged man cannot escape, and Tramell tries to help him, but the car is filling with water far too fast.

She's arrested, and put under psychiatric evaluation by Dr. Glass (David Morrissey), who informs the British Court that she has a "Risk Addiction" and a God complex where she can do no wrong, and can predict the future. Tramell resents this. Dr. Glass, on the way out of the court room, is questioned by a reporter, whom we find out is sleeping with Glass' ex-wife, who left him for an undisclosed reason. The reporter brings up an old case of Glass' that was supposed to remain private.

Glass talks to his ex-wife, who said she might have mentioned it in passing to the reporter during pillow talk, which aggravates Glass.

Glass talks to the police about the man in the car, and the officer in charge of the case, Roy Washburn, tells Glass that there was a drug in the passengers system, and he was dead before he hit the water.

Glass decides to take on Tramell as a personal case, as he is vying for a high-chair in the London Parliament. He goes, with his partner, to talk to an art dealer about getting the position, when Tramell shows up. She talks to Glass' partner, an older female, outside, which is distracting Glass. The art dealer tells him that he's not going to get a recommendation because of his depressive melt-down, after a drug dealer under his care went crazy and killed his girlfriend.

Glass, at home, gets a call from his ex-wife. She's panicking, and Glass heads over. The reporter has been killed in the bed, strangled to death. Washburn shows up and begins to question Glass about why he was there, and he points out that he was called by his ex-wife to come over. Washburn mentions that the man was drugged, the same drug that was in the football star's system at the beginning of the movie, thus implicating Tramell.

Glass begins to follow Tramell, and sees that she is going into a seedy building. He follows, after it looks like she is attacked, into a brothel. He runs to the roof and finds an orgy going on in the room below, looking through the sky-light, with Tramell in the middle. Distraught, he leaves. Tramell stops by his office later and terminates her treatment, saying she is going to be treated by his partner.

Glass begins to follow the story the reporter was writing before he was murdered, which was about the drug-dealer who killed his girlfriend, and would expose Glass as a freak. There was a mystery detective referenced in the article that was known to plant evidence in order to secure warrants and make arrests, and Glass finds out that the mystery detective was Washburn, and he'll do anything to implicate suspects.

Glass is called to the location of the orgy, and finds the body of the man who was sleeping with Tramell in the orgy. Glass calls Washburn on him, for planting evidence, but Washburn says it's a load of shit, and says that Glass is their primary suspect now. He's taken in, when Trammel provides an alibi and Glass is released. He goes to Tramell's apartment, and they have sex. In the morning, he opens her fridge to find some needles and a liquid in the back, which he suspects to be the same liquid that was used to poison the reporter and football star. He turns it in to Washburn for analysis, but does not mention where he got it.

In the meantime, Glass has a fight with his ex-wife, and finds her in a bathroom, dying with her throat cut. He's once again the prime suspect.

Washburn tells Glass that the liquid was the drug, and he needs to know where he got it. Tramell, furious with the lack of trust, tells Glass that it's insulin and she's diabetic. Tired of being strung around by everyone, he follows her to her upstairs deck, and almost drowns her in a hot-tub. He goes home, frustrated, and starts smashing pictures he had hanging on the walls.

He reaches into his pocket and finds a copy of the new book Tramell is working on, and reads it. The story ends with Tramell killing Glass' partner, and he freaks out, rushing over to her house. He runs inside, to find his partner perfectly okay, and Tramell fixing a drink. He accuses Tramell of wanting to kill her, and she says it's ludicrous, and just part of her book. When Glass goes to attack Tramell, his partner gets in the way. He shoves her, and she hits her head on a table, knocking her out.

Glass goes back to attack Tramell, and she pulls a gun, saying that it's protection from Washburn, who is setting her up. Glass doesn't believe it, until Tramell tells him the article was really about Washburn killing the drug dealer's girlfriend to set him up. Glass sees that his entire mental breakdown was the result of Washburn wanting to further himself, and when Washburn breaks down the door, he grabs Tramell's gun and shoots Washburn dead. As he is dying, he says, "Whatever she told you, it was a lie."

Unfit to stand trial, Glass is sentenced to a mental institution, where Tramell comes to visit him. She tells him that she didn't like the ending to her book, and she gave him a much better one, but the real ending would blow him away. The real ending was that the writer wasn't the killer, nor was it the detective, it was the psychiatrist, who was never quite sane after his mental breakdown.

Glass is the murderer, and in a series of flashbacks, you see him murder the journalist because of the story, the orgy-man because of jealousy, his ex-wife because she was cheating on him before the divorce, and Washburn because he did kill the drug dealer's girlfriend. Tramell says that she misses him, as he is catatonic, and leaves him a copy of her book on his lap. He looks at her, smiles before going vacant again, and she walks away.

He opens the book, and finds the inscription, "To Michael Glass. I couldn't have done it without you."

The camera pulls away, and the movie ends.

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Neither Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) nor the dirty cop, Roy Washburn (David Thewlis), is the killer. The killer is Dr. Michael Glass (David Morrissey.)

Catherine Tramell explains it all in the end (it's also the plot of the new book she wrote.) Glass killed the journalist because he was having sex with his ex-wife (and had been having sex with her even when they were married.) He slashed his ex-wife's (Denise) throat because she was a "slut". He killed the drug dealer for some confusing reason and he shot the person he most wanted revenge on, Washburn, because he had lied about an ex-patient of Dr. Glass's behavior which had led Dr. Glass to face ethical questioning and subsequently have a nervous breakdown.

Glass is found to not be mentally fit enough to stand trial for all the murders and the movie ends with him in a mental hospital.