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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Lana Hewitt who says..."I enjoyed the movie I laughed all the way through. I tried my best to explain the movie."

Story starts out with a black truck trying to break into a store and steal an ATM machine. You hear to voices cussing each other out about the bumper falling off. (Very important later) The heist is finally successful as you see the black truck pulling the ATM machine down the street. Then the story switches to Ice Cube playing Calvin, a dreamer perpetually hatching doomed business schemes that would free him from what he perceives as his legacy of drudgery, running the barbershop left behind by his father.

Calvin opens up his Barbershop in the morning and the laughs start, but Calvin is deep in debt and decides to sell his barbershop to loan shark Lester (Keith David in a flamboyant performance).

Only after money ($20,000.00) has changed hands does Lester reveal his plan to close the shop and replace it with a strip joint, throwing Calvin's colorful staff of haircutters out of work. Haircutters consist of Eve as the shop's brassy female cutter; Thomas as a smarmy college boy; Troy Garity (son of Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden) as the token white guy who nobody will let cut their hair with a homeboy persona; Leonard Earl Howze as a jolly Nigerian immigrant; and Michael Ealy as a two-time felon.

The barbers settle into such an amiable gang, and Calvin's barbershop becomes such a friendly oasis in the heart of the mean streets, that their previous stridence is easily forgiven and forgotten.

While the barbers begin to cut hair, you see Anderson and his dumb friend trying everything to break in the ATM they stole the night before. Little do they know that the machine was brand new and the owner never had time to load money in the machine. This goes on and on throughout the movie.

Back to the Shop, Cedric the Entertainer plays JD, the brashly opinionated elder barber, who never cuts anyone's hair, spending his days parked in his barber chair dishing out hilarious criticisms of Rosa Parks, Jesse Jackson and even Martin Luther King Jr. JD is Calvin's link to his deceased father's work ethic and spirit of good will in a dying community.

"He believed that something as simple as a little haircut could change the way a man feels inside," JD professes. This gives Calvin a change of heart and he decides to keep the Barbershop. He goes to talk to Lester the lone shark but the deal was final and unless he pays him double ($40,000.00) what he loaned him by 7:00 p.m. the shop will be his.

Calvin tries everything to raise the money even selling his car, but 7:00 arrives and he has to tell his barbers the shop is closing for good. They're all upset and begin to rag on Calvin when the police bust in and arrest Jimmy, the two time felon (Michael Early) for the robbery of the ATM machine. The police had a witness that recognized Jimmy's black truck at the crime scene. Things look bad for Jimmy; three strikes and your out. No one except Calvin believes Jimmy's story about letting his cousin borrow his truck. Calvin decides to take the money he got from the loan shark and bail Jimmy out. He needs Jimmy's help on getting his shop back.

This is where things get too silly to believe.

Calvin (Ice Cube) and Jimmy bust into the Lone Sharks auto business and to their amazement they find Jimmy’s two cousins with the ATM machine. Lester the lone shark is also there. Calvin says unless he gives him his shop back he is going to tell the police he stole the ATM machine. Just then the police storm in. Lester backs Calvin up and they both turn the cousins in as the criminals.

Then the camera scans to the ATM and there is a 50, 0000 reward for the return of the machine. Calvin receives the reward.

2 months later you see the Barber Shop striving, and Calvin driving a new car.

Fade to black


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