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The Whole


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The movie begins at the end of the film as we see Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton in the middle of a bank heist. The entire bank is surrounded by police and news crews. Inside Bruce and Billy Bob are bickering about the girl that turned them in. Each is blaming the other for letting her (Cate Blanchett) into their gang.

It then cuts to a few months earlier where Bruce and Billy Bob are inside Oregon State Penitentiary. We see early on that Bruce is in need of anger management and Billy Bob is a complete hypondriac. They are "The Odd Couple" trying to be "Butch and Sundance." Without any planning, Bruce steals a cement truck inside the pen and Billy Bob hops on board to ask what the heck he is doing. Before you know it, they crash through the gates and hit the road in their truck.

They park the truck in someone's backyard and immediately steal a car. From there Bruce finds a "Magic Marker" in the glove box and they enter a bank. He places the marker on the back of the guards neck and the guard, thinking it's a gun, gives Bruce his own gun. They rob the bank, run outside and force another guy out of his car and take that car. As the police chase them they hide the car in a garage of an unsuspecting homeowner.

Inside the home they find a girl making out with her boyfriend on the couch. We find out that her parents are out of town so the pair hold them hostage for the night. They have a nice meal and are very friendly to the young couple. Bruce and Billy Bob talk about their dreams and have a goal to move to Mexico and run a resort. Problem is, they need money.

Seeing how easy it is to "kidnap" this couple for the night, Billy Bob comes up with a foolproof plan.

They will kidnap a small town bank manager the night before the robbery, go with him to work in the morning and rob the bank.

Bruce has a cousin Harvey who aspires to be a Hollywood stuntman. He is hired to be their getaway driver.

Their plan goes off without a hitch. They have a nice dinner with the bank manager and his family and in the morning rob the manager's bank. The money is divided up and everyone goes off in a different direction, planning to meet again in 2 weeks.

Billy Bob runs out of gas and as he tries to stop an oncoming car he is instead run into by Cate Blanchett. She is running away from her boring life as a housewife and from an unloving husband. Although she and Billy Bob argue the whole way, she eventually takes him to the meeting place 2 weeks later.

At first Bruce is upset that he brought her along but the two strike up an attraction for each other and eventually are sleeping together. They bring her along on the next robbery to help as a lookout with Bruce's cousin.

While on the getaway from the robbery, they get into an accident and this time as they leave, in all the hurry, Cate leaves with Billy Bob and Bruce and his cousin each go their separate ways, still agreeing to meet up again later.

The gang are now becoming legends and the press are just eating it up. They are known as the "Sleepover Bandits" and all their victims talk about how nice they were treated. The only question the media have is whether or not Cate is an accomplice or a hostage.

During this hiatus, Billy Bob and Cate form a relationship and begin sleeping together. When they all meet up again later, Bruce and Billy Bob are fighting for Cate's affection.

The cousin quits the gang and heads to Hollywood, picking up a beautiful hitchhiker that had been popping up every now and then.

Cate can't handle all the fighting with Bruce and Billy Bob and also leaves.

Bruce and Billy Bob decide they will do one last robbery, a big one that will finally be enough for them to leave for Mexico. They call on cousin for some help. Bruce and Billy Bob break into the house of the television reporter that has been covering their story and force him to do a quick interview where they tell their story and explain how they had kidnapped Cate and that she was never a part of their gang.

Cate turns herself in to the police and tells them all about the next robbery.

The next scene is back at the bank from the beginning of the movie. Bruce and Billy Bob are still arguing and eventually shoot each other dead.

Turns out that Bruce's stuntman cousin used "Hollywood Magic" to make it look as though they shot themselves. He and his girlfriend arrive in an ambulance posing as medical workers. They bag up the bodies (along with all the money), put them in the ambulance and drive away.

Next we see Cate collecting her $1 million dollar reward for turning in the bandits.

The final scene is in Mexico as we see the cousin and his hitchhiker girlfriend getting married with a happy Bruce and Billy Bob watching with Cate standing between them.


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