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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by - Jmhirsh who also says... "This movie is actually a pretty good romance. It has some cheesy points, but overall, it reminded me of Love Story."

The story takes place in the small town of Beaufort, North Carolina. Landon Carter (Shane West), is a rebellious teen, who begins the movie by playing a prank on another boy from his school. The boy wants to join Landon’s clique, so the group convinces the boy to jump off a tower, but upon doing so, he hits his head on a pipe and breaks his arm. All of Landon’s friends run away immediately, but Landon saves the kids from drowning, and just barely starts to drive off when the cops arrive and catch him fleeing.

Landon’s principal finds out he and his friends also were drinking on campus, so he decides to punish him: he must tutor a kid on Saturdays, be in the school play and help the janitors. Darryl Hannah, Landon’s divorcee mom, agrees. She forces him to go to her Baptist church service, where we find out that Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore) is a sweet choir girl who is also the daughter of the strict minister.

Jamie also tutors, and tries to make friends with Landon to no avail. Later at the first play practice, Landon is chosen to play the lead, and Jamie is chosen to play a female lead with a singing solo. After the practice, Landon’s friend doesn’t show up to give him a ride home, so Jamie gives him a ride. During the ride, we find out that Jamie has a list of things she wants to do in her life—be in two places at once, get a tattoo, witness a miracle, etc. She won’t reveal her number one item.

Landon and Jamie eventually start rehearsing lines together after school and looking at stars through her homemade telescope (she is an avid astronomer).

However, Landon’s friends think that plain jane Jamie is unpopular, and peer pressure causes him to ignore her and act cruelly act school. She becomes upset with him, and refuses to spend time with him.

Finally, the play night arrives, Jamie is all “made up” for her role, and she sings a beautiful solo. Landon improvises a kiss with her, making a popular girl friend of his jealous, and makes up with Jamie after the play. We also find that Landon’s father is a cardiologist, who lives out of town.

Jamie and Landon start to bond more and more.

Landon’s popular friend pulls a mean prank by superimposing Jamie’s picture on a stripper’s body and handing out fliers at school. Landon defends her by punching one of his former popular friends. Later, Landon convinces Jamie’s dad to let her go out on a date. They go out to eat, dance, and go the state line (so she can be in two places at once), and he gives her a temporary tattoo. Jamie tells him her #1 is to marry in the church her mom (who passed away) grew up in. They start to become very serious with each other right away. Jamie’s father disapproves. Landon is now less rebellious, and starts to spend all of his time with Jamie. He adopts her a star, becomes a better tutor, and makes his own list of things he wants to do, including college and med school. On a night out with Jamie, she reveals that she has leukemia. Landon is devastated and goes to ask his father to take care of her, but her cancer is not his specialty. He starts working on a larger telescope for Jamie so that she can see a rare comet that she has been hoping to see. Jamie collapses, and is sent to the hospital for treatment. Later, Landon’s father arranges to pay for her care so that she can stay at home.

Landon’s telescope is finished so that Jamie can see her comet. That same night, he proposes to her. Flash forward, and the two are getting married in her mother’s church. Jamie makes her “walk to remember” down the aisle. Her father performs the ceremony with a poem her mother loved. Years later, Landon returns home from college and visits with Jamie’s dad. Apparently, Jamie lived through the summer, and then passed on, and Landon moved away. Jamie’s dad is excited to hear that Landon made it into med school. Landon says he wishes he could have helped Jamie witness a miracle, and Mr Sullivan lets him know that to Jamie, he was a miracle.

Everyone in the theater leaves teary eyed.

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