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NOTE: This spoiler which was sent in by Marianya

The movie begins with the narration of August Rush (Freddie Highmore) explaining how music is all around him. Through his narration we see Lyla Novacek (Keri Russell), a cellist, and Louis Connelly (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), lead singer of an Irish band, as they prepare for their respective venues.

The story of Evan Taylor begins at the home of boys. He explains that he believes in music much like how others believe in fairytales. He believes that his parents came together because they heard the music of one another, and that if he could learn how to create that then his parents could hear him, and finally find him. He is bullied around by some of the older boys because of his belief that he could hear the music of his parents and one day his parents would come for him. The other boys consider him a freak and continue to berate him, however Evan doesn’t give up, finding time alone to listen to the music around him.

One night as he looks up to the full moon he imagines how his parents found one another.

Eleven years prior Lyla goes with a friend to a party in NYC. Being sheltered she goes towards the rooftop and watches as a street musician plays in the park below. There Lyla meets Louis and they connect over the feeling of music everywhere and spend the night together on the rooftop. The next morning Louis’ mates take their picture as they sleep there and wake them up abruptly. Lyla makes a hasty exit only for Louis to make her promise to meet him again at ten in the morning later that day.

Ten comes and goes with Louis still sitting waiting for Lyla who hasn’t shown. Lyla runs out of her hotel intending to keep her promise with Louis only to have her overprotective father (William Sadler) push her towards the car to catch their flight. Louis runs from the meeting place in search of Lyla only to catch a glimpse of her as she goes into the car and disappears.

Over the course of the next few months Lyla and Louis try to continue their respective musical careers only to find themselves hitting a block. Lyla finds during this time that she is pregnant and refuses to give up the child despite her father’s urgings. Louis continues to play in the band hoping that Lyla would hear him but finds himself chasing a dream.

During an argument Lyla walks out on her father only to find herself a victim of a car accident and rushed into ER. Louis meanwhile quits on the band and himself. When Lyla awakens her father is by her bedside to tell her that he was sorry, the implication being that her son didn’t make it.

In the nursery, however, there is a little musical carousel playing. As it plays one baby reacts to it more so than any of the other babies in the nursery.

Back in the present, the home where Evan Taylor is at is visited by Richard Jeffries (Terrence Howard). As Richard goes through Evan’s background he starts to whistle which Evan asks how does he do that [whistling]?  As a rhetorical question Richard asks Evan how long has he been in the boys home to which Evan answers in years, months and days. Eventually Evan explains to Richard that he doesn’t want to leave the home because if he does then his parents may never be able to find him. Richard hands Evan his card and says that if he ever needs anything to give him a call. Later that evening Evan decides that if his parents can’t find him then he has to find his parents and leaves the home.

Meanwhile we find that Louis has made himself another career working behind a desk in San Francisco, and Lyla is a music teacher in Chicago. Both gave up on music entirely and have convinced themselves that they are better off now, despite knowing they were at the happiest with music.

Louis hails a taxi only to find that one of his old bandmates is the driver. After a bit of catching up Louis agrees to go back to see his old band, including his brother, despite misgivings about the past. Lyla’s friend sends her an invitation from New York asking her to play cello once again with the New York Philharmonic. Lyla is apprehensive and agrees to think about it.

Louis arrives at the party with his girlfriend to confront the past that he ran away from. As he enters the home there is a movie playing of him singing his last song that was dedicated to Lyla before he left the band. After an altercation with his brother about leaving the band, his girlfriend leaves the party leaving Louis behind.

Evan eventually gets picked up by a food delivery guy and is left at an intersection of NYC with some cash and instruction to stay there so Richard Jeffries could come by and pick him up. When the food delivery guy leaves, Evan soon gets distracted with the sounds around him. Feeling the music coming from the environment around him, getting caught up in the music he starts to conduct and eventually the business card from Richard slips from his fingers and flies into the sewer.

Suddenly feeling lost and alone Evan runs through the streets of NYC until he comes around a young street performer playing on the guitar. When the street performer leaves Evan starts to follow him to an old rundown theater where other young street performers live and meets the Wizard (Robin Williams).

As the others sleep through the night Evan takes the guitar of the street performer and starts to learn how the music is created, quickly becoming adept with the instrument. When the Wizard wakes up he sees the boys talent and tests him out as a street performer. After Evan’s first performance the Wizard thinks that Evan should have a new name. As a truck passes by he asks Evan what comes out to him from the side sign of the truck, when Evan replies “beach” the Wizard explains that although this is a good name for a band it’s not for an individual and rechristens him August Rush.

Louis is back at his apartment and opens up his old guitar case, seeing the old instrument and the pictures reminding him of the past he starts to play with the instrument. When he takes it out for a test run he finds the picture taken of him and Lyla eleven years ago.

Lyla meanwhile wakes up to a call from Good Samaritan hospital where her father was admitted to. She heads to the hospital and it is there she learns that her son never died. Her father gave him up for adoption forging her signature on the form.

Richard meanwhile has been looking for Evan and started posting missing signs throughout the city. The Wizard finds some of these signs and get rids of them, knowing that if August is found then his new money pot would be gone.

As August continues to play on the street, more money keeps rolling in and the Wizard becomes his “manager”. When the Wizard isn’t offered enough for August’s talent he cancels the offer as August protests that he wants to play, he needs to play because if he doesn’t play his parents would never find him. The Wizard grows agitated and explains that August belongs to him, and whatever he says August must do.

Later that night the NYPD run through the condemned theater and August gets separated from the rest of the children and the Wizard to find himself in another place of town. Very quickly he is drawn to the music emanating from the church and walks towards it automatically enamored with the chorus singing and the girl soloist – Hope (Jamia Simone Nash).

The next morning he is found sleeping underneath the girl’s bed. He goes looking for her and finds himself drawn to her playing the piano. He notices that she is playing via the music written down and he asks her about it. Hope shows him the notes on paper and how they relate to the keyboard when she runs off to go to school.

August takes some paper and throughout the rest of the “school” day he starts writing and learning the music through written notes. Eventually he goes to the organ in the church and starts playing around with it.

Hope goes to the church from school and sees all the music that August had written that day and immediately heads to the minister to tell him that she found a prodigy and he has been sleeping underneath her bed.

Deciding to accept the concert invitation Lyla leaves Chicago and heads to New York City in hopes to run into Louis at the original meeting place and to practice for the same concert that August’s Rhapsody was also submitted to. In a stroke of irony Louis flies to Chicago (after internet searching for Lyla) and waits outside of her apartment only to find that she had married according to a neighbor (it was Lyla’s roommate that got married, the neighbor mixed the two girls up). Louis decides to fly to New York City and persuades the owner of the club that last hosted his band’s concert to listen to a song that he had just written.

The minister enrolls August into Julliard where he very quickly excels in his classes. At one particular class he starts writing a rhapsody that the professor notices and is so impressed that he introduces August’s Rhapsody to the Julliard administration that decide that it should be submitted for the annual concert held in Central Park.

Lyla arrives in NYC and starts hunting around the child agencies looking for her son. The agency that she questions requests for her to fill out paperwork and wait at least six months for the process to go through, but she fights to try to have it go through sooner. The next morning with the completed paperwork she runs into Richard Jeffries who asks her “why now” to which she replies that “I have always wanted him” and tells him just how long she had waited for him in years, months and days (much like how Evan did at the beginning). Richard consents to helping Lyla out further and as Lyla waits she finds a picture of Evan on Richard’s board of missing children and realizes that he is her son the same moment that Richard shows her a picture of Evan.

The Wizard eventually finds August via the concert advertisements and persuades him that August belongs to him alone. Back at Washington Park August meets a fellow guitarist – Louis Connelly – who is his father (unknown to the both of them). August mentions about his entry in the Central Park concert and Louis says that if he had a concert like that he wouldn’t miss it for the world. As the two separate Louis gets ready for his show later that day (the owner agreed to the impromptu show and Louis had made the call to gather the guys up for one more round).

In the child agency a fax comes in showing Evan’s picture with a heading stating that “August Rush” is an endangered runaway.

Later that night August had just finished playing in a subway station, the Wizard collecting the cash and counting it up. August decides that the Wizard is pulling him further away from his parents and says that he is leaving to go to the concert. August runs away from the Wizard through the subway system with the Wizard in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile Lyla is onstage playing with the orchestra while Louis sings his new song with his band. Both feeling the music and becoming stronger with it (mirrored from the concert at beginning of the movie). As Lyla leaves the concert after her piece August’s Rhapsody is presented with August coming onstage to conduct the orchestra.

Louis and his band finished playing and heads to the airport as August’s Rhapsody is playing. Louis finds himself drawn to the music and asks about the concert in the park. Looking at the advertisements overhead he realizes that Lyla was part of the concert and screams for the can to stop so he could get our and find her. Meanwhile, Lyla also finds herself drawn to the music of August’s Rhapsody and starts to walk back towards the concert.

As the Rhapsody reaches a close, Louis and Lyla find themselves watching the conductor from the front of the audience. Realizing that they have found one another in the process. When August completes his piece he turns around to find his parents front and center watching him and smiles.

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The movie is told in a flashback with a voice over from Evan Taylor (August Rush as played by Freddie Highmore). He tells of how Lyla Novacek and Louis Connelly meet, fall in love and have a one night stand.  Lyla is a concert celloist and Louis is the singer in a band.  Lyla leaves the one night stand promising to meet Louis the next day at the Arch (one night stand was overlooking the Arch on the rooftop). 

Lyla is swept away in a limo to her next concert by her evil father and never meets Louis.  Louis sees her leave and is heartbroken.  Lyla then finds out she is pregnant.  While she is pregnant, she has a fight with her father and runs out in front of a car.  At the hospital her father tells her that her boy is "gone".   Actually, Evan (August) is put up for adoption by his grandfather (he forges Lyla's name) and ends up in a Boys Home in New York where he hears music constantly and is mistreated badly. 

Lyla finds out from her dying father what he did and she goes searching for Evan (August) and ends up in New York.  There are a few scenes where she almost finds him but doesn't. 

Evan (August) runs away to New York. (There is one scene that is touching where he meets Louis in the park but neither know they are father and son).

Evan (August) ends up in the clutches of The Wizard (Fagin type character played very convincely by Robin Williams). The Wizard (Robin Williams) is the one that names Evan "August Rush" and tells him to never tell anyone his real name as he will then end up back at the Boys Home.

Evan ends up at Juillard where he is a prodigy. He writes a Rhapsody and it is to be played in the park. Robin Williams also treats Evan badly and even withdraws him from Juillard. 

Evan eventually runs away from him and ends up at his concert in the Park to conduct the Orchestra. Lyla is also to perform at this concert.  Louis sees Lyla's name on an advertisement and ends up at the concert looking for her. 

Louis and Lyla find each other (touching scene of holding hands) and then Evan turns around from directing the orchestra and sees them and somehow, they all now know who they are. 

Thanks for the "Pooper", VH

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