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NOTE: This spoiler sent in by Kline7 who says... "I love action adventure and this is one of best action adventure movies I have ever seen.

It starts in the jungle...

A wild boar is chasing Jaguar Paw, a native and our hero. The boar trips a trigger rope. A spring trap is released. He is stabbed dead. A group of natives feast on the boar’s body parts. Jaguar looks into the forest and uneasily senses they are being watched.  He shakes the feeling off. The group tricks a unlucky fool character named Blunted into eating the testicles. They taste gross. The group laughs at him. An elder character takes Blunted aside. It seems Blunted is under great  pressure to produce an offspring. The elder gives a magic potion to rub down there.

Back in the village, Blunted’s mother in law mocks him into producing a grandchild right then and there. Blunted goes into a hut with his wife. After a minute, he suddenly comes running naked. Down there is burning with pain. He sits in a water trough to cool off. The whole village laughs at him.

That night, dogs bark uneasily. Jaguar Paw has a nightmare. A blood native tells him to run. He shrugs it off.

But then Mayan warriors with torches invade the village. Jaguar Paw lowers his young son and pregnant wife into a deep hole and leaves a rope so they can get out. He promises to come back for them.

Jaguar Paw is taken prisoner. He’s about to be killed in a fight when the senior Mayan says take him alive. But Jaguar Paw has to watch as his father is killed before him. The native men are bound with their hands behind and tied by the neck to big sticks.

A Mayan supervisor gives Jaguar Paw the new name “Almost.”

Jaguar Paw sees a Mayan find the rope leading into the hole where his wife hides. She ducks out of sight just in time. The Mayan throws a rock down. Just to be safe, he cuts the rope and throws it into the hole.

The captive men are lead away. The weakest link of the men tied to a log collapses. Jaguar tries to help him up but he is beaten. The weak man finally gets up on his own.

They go on a narrow mountain pass that gives away and the weak man and Jaguar Paw are hanging over the edge. The Maya supervisor doesn’t help get them at all. He just wants to see if they can get back on their own. They struggle but pull themselves back on the path. The Maya supervisor decides to let the weak one go and shoves him down the cliff. Then his superior which I think was his father challenges him, wondering if he is running the show.  No more losses.

In the flat land they come upon a diseased little girl. The Mayans push her away. She prophesizes doom for taking the man known as Jaguar. They move on.

They go past a Mayan mine where slaves covered in white dust are mining. At a Mayan temple, the captives are painted blue. They are led to the top.

Jaguar Paw is third in line. With two men before him, this is what happen. A stake is driven in their heart. Their head is loped off. And tossed down the steps. It’s Jaguar Paw’s turn.

Suddenly the sky turns dark. Solar eclipse. The priest says the sun god has had enough sacrifice.

Jaguar Paw’s group is taken to a sporting field. One by one, they are told run. The Mayan shoot arrows and throw spears. Jaguar Paw’s turn. He runs zigzag. He almost make it but gets a spear through the belly. When the Mayan comes to finish him off, Jaguar Paw breaks off the spear and cut him and escapes into a corn field. About a half dozen Mayan chase him.

That’s the main part of the movie. One by one the chasers will fall.

Jaguar Paw falls into a pit of dead bodies and escapes into the rain forest on the other side. Jaguar Paw runs up a tree. But he is bleeding. As Mayans run below, a drop of blood falls on a Mayan’s back. Later the Mayans notice the blood and realized Jaguar Paw is in the trees. They go back.

Meanwhile, Jaguar Paw looks in the trees and finds himself staring at a real jaguar, who growls ferociously.

Next, Jaguar Paw is running for his life through the forest chased by the jaguar. A Mayan sees only Jaguar Paw and cuts into right behind him. The jaguar devours the Mayan.

Another Mayan brings up the prophesy of doom for a man who runs with the jaguars. But the leader says they will go on.

Cut to Jaguar Paw’s pregnant wife in the hole. She ties the rope to a big stick and throws it up till she snags it on top. She tries to climb out. She gets halfway up when it comes loose and she falls back into the whole.

Jaguar Paw eventually is chased to a stream. He stops when he sees a great waterfall ahead.. As the Mayan emerges, he has no choice. He jumps.

He survives the fall. He comes out of the water clean of blue paint. The Mayans see him from above. Jaguar Paw shouts this is my forest now. Come get me. The Mayan leader orders everyone to jump over the waterfall. One cracks his skull on a rock. The others survive and come out of the river.

Jaguar Paw runs but falls into quick sand. He tries to pull himself out with a vine but it breaks. He manages to swim out and comes out brown with mud. Jaguar Paw throws a giant leaf full of hornets at the Mayans. They gets stung.

Meanwhile, above the pit Jaguar Paw’s wife is in, animals fight and one falls into the pit.  His wife pokes it with a stick and when it attacks, she has to kill it.

In his own territory, Jaguar Paw is chased by a Mayan. But the Mayan snags a trip rope and the same spring trap that killed the boar in the opening kills the Mayan.

But three more remain. One hits Jaguar Paw in the shoulder with an arrow. But twice wounded, Jaguar Paw still manages to kill him.

It starts to rain and the pit fills with water. Underwater, Jaguar Paw’s wife goes into labor and the baby pops out underwater. Jaguar Paw sees his wife in a pit but two remaining Mayans chase him.

He runs to the beach. The two Mayans follow. Jaguar Paw falls to his knees.
It looks like the end. The three look out to the ocean. They see something they have never seen before.

Spanish ships. Spaniards coming ashore.

The Mayans go to the ships.

Jaguar Paw escapes and goes back to his wife and family. The wife asks if they should go to the ships. No, Jaguar Paw says, go to the forest.

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A solar eclipse saves Jaguar Paw (Rudy Youngblood) from being sacrificed. He escapes into the forest, injured and chased by the warriors who sacked his village.

All but two of the warriors die. Jaguar Paw reaches his wife, older son, and brand new younger son just in time to rescue them from the water-filled sinkhole.

The family walks off into the forest just as several boatloads of Spaniards come ashore near the village.

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