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Ant Bully - Preview
NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Naoto who says... "Although this movie was predictable, the animation was great, the actors did a great job in their voice overs and it has a good message for kids!"

The movie begins with Lucas Nickle, a small nerdish boy getting picked on by a bully and his posse.  While this is going on Zoc, the ant Wizard (Voice of Nicolas Cage) and his wife Hova (Voiced by Julia Roberts) have mixed together a long awaited potion of some kind.  Up on the earth, after Lucas gets picked on (his nickname is also Peanut), he encounters a GRUFF exterminator (voiced by Paul Giamatti) who cons him into a contract to spray their house and lawn.  At this, Lucas holding the garden hose sees an ant hill and proceeds to spray water on it for his own enjoyment.  Zoc, Hova and all the other ants go into panic mode as their ant hill is flooded and Zoc almost loses his new potion but his little lightening bug sidekick saves it for him.

That night, while Lucas is sleeping, Zoc sneaks into his room and drops the potion in his ear and when Lucas wakes up, he is the size of an ant.  While an entourage of ants hauls him away to the ant hill, his eccentric Grandmother who is paranoid and obsessed with Aliens (voiced by Cheri O'Teri, I think) sees him and is the only one who knows what happened to him.

Down in the Ant Hill, a council of ants lead by Ricardo Montalban deems Lucas the "Destroyer" and deems that whatever the ant Queen (voiced by Meryl Streep) deems will be his fate.  Zoc has other ideas of his captive and wishes to study them more so that he can figure out a way to make them pay for all those times the colony has been flooded... (basically he's bitter).  The ant Queen decides that Lucas will work in the caves until he becomes one of them in character and Hova to Zoc's surprise volunteers to be his guide.  Hova explains the history of the colony through writing on the wall and goes on to explain the prophecy of the Mother of Queen's return where Sweet Rocks will fall and the colony will be saved from the Evil One (Can't remember the name).

That colony is then attacked by a big group of wasps or hornets and while the ants look out for each other, Lucas can only think of himself and when Hova looks like she's going to get it, Zoc saves the day and is stern towards Lucas about ants helping each other for the greater good...

The next morning, Lucas tries to escape but Hova, being very gentle get's Lucas to join the other ant children in their "forging" course taught by the talented, wonderful and sarcastic Kreela (voiced by Regina King).  During the lesson, Fugax (voiced by Bruce Campbell) shows up and boasts about how he is a Scout and how he lives on "adventure" but his character is much like "The Tick" all braun and no brains.  The class is divided into two groups and their objective is to get to the "Sweet Rock" (Jelly Belly JellyBean) via teamwork.  Lucas' team arrives first but being human, he couldn't hold something and scale a wall so the other team wins...

During meal time, Fugax serves up some honey "dew" drops and Lucas sucks it up quickly until he learns that the drops are "Droppings" from a worm... gross!

During the night, Lucas shares about how his house is filled with "Sweet Rocks" and takes Hova, Kreela and Fugax to his place to get some to the objection of Zoc.  Zoc can't understand why Hova wants to go and so they get to the house and when they get under the front door they all stop at the voyage through the carpet to which Lucas says, "Why did we have to have Shag carpet?" with the carpet being taller than they are.  The group ends up picking leaves off a plant and using the desk fan to "hand glide" over to the kitchen.  Fugax and Kreela are arguing with each other and building up the romantic tension (discussing which Sweet Rock is best) while Lucas realizes that he signed a contract with the exterminator.  He jumps onto the phone and dials the wrong number because he jumped on two numbers at once and he tells them he wants to cancel the contract... in reality he reached a pizza parlor and the kid is to unaware to Lucas that he says okay...  At this point, Lucas' sister Tiffany walks in and upon seeing Fugax trying to push a Sweet Rock to the edge, she begins to try and smush him with the phone and Grandma tries to stop saying it's Lucas and the ants and Lucas escape through the drain, where Grandma drops her fake teeth shouting... "Luuuuucaaaaaaas!"

While everyone goes back into the ant hill, Zoc stops Lucas and basically tells him to leave... As Lucas walks through the grass forest he runs into a beetle and a water bug and the three of them get quickly slurped up by a frog... this is the same beetle who was in the teaser trailer trying to be an ant... the ant gang finds out what happened and because Zoc loves Hova so much, he goes into the frog and rescues everyone...

The news of the exterminator comes and Lucas is shunned because it was him who signed the contract and there is a great battle between the ants and the exterminator.  Lucas feels bad and Zoc wants to help him now as well so they make friends/peace with the wasps and hornets and they battle together... during a time when a hornet get's sprayed by the exterminator or slapped, can't remember which, Lucas looks out for him as an ant would an carries him while scaling a tall mushroom... During this time, the funny Beetle and his companion take down the Exterminator by flying up his pant let and getting to his "Sweet Spot"... The ants win, Lucas is hailed as a hero and the Queen ant deems him worthy to be called and ant and through it all Lucas learns that when people stick together, they can take on bigger things... he also learns how much he misses his family (Mom and Dad were on vacation the whole time).  Zoc returns him to his human size and we see Lucas welcoming home is parents with a new attitude...

The final scene is Lucas taking on the bully by getting the other Kronies to join him and be "bigger" than the bully and they all chase off the bully... he then takes the Jelly Belly and rains it down on the colony where Zoc and Hova are embracing, and Fugax and Kreela are also together... everyone is happy, The End.

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