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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Calvincrzy who says... "This movie had many hilarious parts, but also had some lame jokes."

The movie starts out in 1978, where a young Dave Buznick sits on a street corner, looking at the girl of his dreams jumping rope. She comes over and wants to play truth or dare. He picks dare, and she says to kiss her. Right as he's about to, the school bully Arnie Shankman pulls down his pants, embarrassing him in front of everybody. We go to the present day, where a grown up Dave Buznick (Adam Sandler) is about to get on a plane for a business meeting. He works for a cat clothing catalog. His girlfriend Linda (Marissa Tomey) comes with him. Right as he's about to leave she asks for a kiss. He says that people are looking and he doesn't like it when they're looking (IMPORTANT LATER). He gives her a handshake and gets on the plane.

On the plane, a person's in his assigned seat and after a long argument goes to sit with a person who introduces himself as Buddy Ride (Jack Nicholson). Buddy seems very annoying and is laughing out loud at a movie, so he says for Dave to get some headsets. Dave asks for some headsets and immediately after, the flight attendant starts talking nonstop to another flight attendant. Dave asks her again, and she says to lower your voice. He says his voice is lowered, and they get into a big argument that ends up with him being tasered by a flight attendant.

The next scene is in a court with Dave on trial. It looks like he's going to go to jail when Buddy walks in and goes to the judge. It's obvious that Buddy and the judge are good friends (Important). He asks for the judge to put him in anger management instead of jail. She agrees, and he is sent to therapy.
When he gets there he sees Buddy standing on the balcony, talking. He realizes that he works there and greets him. He persuades him to sign his papers, but he must go through one session first. At the session he meets two lesbian porn stars, an extremely angry man named Chuck (John Turturro), and others. During the session he becomes angry more than once. After the session, Buddy says that he wants to extend the sessions because of his anger in the first one. He starts by assigning him to an "Anger Buddy", Chuck. That night they go to a bar, where Chuck says two guys looked at him funny, even though one of them is blind. They get into a huge fight, and when Dave tries to get the cane from the blind man he accidentally jabs a waitress in the nose. Dave gets back in court and gets Buddy as his anger Buddy. Buddy moves in with Dave and immediately starts laying down rules. He even goes to work with him, where halfway there Dave gets mad and Buddy teaches him a song from West Side Story (Which is played about six times throughout). When they get there, Buddy insults his boss. He also insults Andrew, who's huge penis is the setup for many jokes. When they get back Dave answers a call saying that Buddy's mother is having serious surgery in Boston. Dave tells Buddy, and he starts sobbing. To make him feel better, Dave says the surgery isn't serious. Buddy says that was a good joke and that he's gonna get him back. Before they leave, Buddy accidentally rams a car off of a parking garage.

They drive to Boston, and on the way back they stop to see Arnie Shankman (John C. Reilly). They find out he lives in a Buddhist temple as a monk.

When Dave talks to him, Arnie brings up when he pulled down Dave's pants in front of everybody, and starts laughing about it. That prompts Dave to punch him and have a fight with him. Dave wins, and as he's walking back to the car, Buddy pulls out a gun, but it turns out to be a water gun. The monks get mad and they chase them back to their car.

That night they stop at a restaurant. Buddy asks Dave to go over and try to score with a hot blonde (Heather Graham). He does and fails miserably. Buddy asks him do to it with more confidence. He tries and it works. After a couple of drinks, Dave realizes that Buddy is gone and goes home with the blonde. There, the blonde tries to have sex with him, but he says he has a girlfriend, and she kicks him out. He catches a ride to where Buddy's staying. He blows up at him, saying that Buddy betrayed him. On the way back they decide to be friends again. When they get back Dave talks to Linda, who wants to have a separate relationship for a while. They agree, and it turns out Buddy is dating Linda. Dave attacks Buddy, and is placed back in court. He gets a restraining order from Buddy and is let out. With his boss waiting for his latest cat catalog, Andrew bragging about his huge member, and with Buddy dating Linda, Dave goes on a rampage. He makes a catalog with pictures of his boss in the tub with cats and punches Andrew in the face. It turns out Buddy is taking Linda out to a baseball game that night. Dave thinks that Buddy is going to propose to Linda, since Dave was talking about doing that earlier. He races to the stadium, where he manages to get onto the field and grab a microphone from and announcer. He gets Linda to stand up and he runs up to her. He asks her to marry him and she says that before she makes her decision, he has to french kiss her in front of everybody. After a while he does,and as they're kissing the scoreboard says that Dave has graduated from anger management. Dave is confused, and finds Buddy, who says that everything that happened was a setup and it was all therapy. It turns out he was good friends with almost everyone Dave met. Linda enrolled Dave into therapy because she was worried about him, and it started on the plane.

The next day, Dave has his graduation party with all of his anger buddies there. A guy comes up with a gun and points it at Dave, claiming he's the owner of the car that was rammed off the roof of the parking lot. He shoots Dave, but it was the water gun that Buddy was carrying earlier. Dave and the man start singing the song from West Side Story as the camera fades out.


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