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The movie starts out at Jim's college. Jim's dad is picking up Jim from his dormitory and walks in to.. well, you've all seen the previews. The same goes for the rest of the gang. They are all picked up and head back home to meet at their local eatery where they discuss their dating life after a year of college.

The gang goes to a party at Stifler's house. The party gets a little wild and the cops come and bust it up.

They decide they need a new place to party for the summer so Kevin calls up his brother who tells them the secret to having a kick ass summer: Rent a house on the lake, live there the whole summer, and throw a huge party at the end. Jim gets a call from Nadia who says she will be in town and be there for the party.

Stifler, Kevin, Oz, Jim, and Finch find the perfect house to rent but to pay for it, they take a summer job as painters. The house they are painting is owned by what seems to be 2 lesbians. After the girls leave, Stifler investigates to see if they really are lesbians. The girls come back and catch Stifler, Finch and Jim hiding in their closet. Stifler questions the girls about their sexuality and the girls start messing with their heads by leading them on.

In order to prepare for Nadia's arrival, Jim wanted to know if he was any good in bed. He asks Michelle the band geek, who confirms that he was awful. Through the course of their little sex ed, they are show signs of falling in love.

Kevin sees Vicky and is still in love with her. Vicky has a boyfriend now. Finch is still obsessed with Stifler's mom, and Oz is still in touch with his original girlfriend.

As the party nears, Finch learns that Stifler's mom will be in town. In order to prepare for her arrival Finch practices his tantra. Jim becomes interested and also practices in his room. While doing this, he breaks his lamp which he super glues together. Later, while laying in bed Jim pops in one of Stifler's porno tapes and reaches for the lubricant but accidently grabs the super glue, gluing himself to... himself.

Jim goes to the hospital and the doctor makes him wear a diaper like bandage and is assured he'll be okay, but not for another week. When Jim gets home he finds Nadia but since he can't do anything with her for a week, he and Michelle make up a story that Jim and Michelle are dating but on the night of the party, will break up, leaving the now healed Jim ready for Nadia.

The day of the party has arrived and Jim and Michelle "break up." While driving home, Michelle is quite upset. Seems she has really fallen in love with Jim. That night, Jim and Nadia are walking on the beach and Nadia suggests they go to a lighthouse on the lake shore. They are alone in the top floor of the lighthouse and are about to have sex, when Jim realizes that Nadia was the type of girl he used to like. He realizes that he was a band geek all along, but never played in the band. He tells Nadia he's leaving her for the band geek.

Jim fetches Michelle from band camp and they go to the party.

After the party, we see Sherminator in bed with Nadia, Oz in bed with his girlfriend, Jim in bed with the band geek, and Stifler in bed with both the lesbians. (Turns out they were not lesbians.)

Finch doesn't sleep with anyone. In the morning, the gang is ready to leave the house and go back home, but then a Mercedes Benz pulls up. It's Stifler's mom.

Finch gets in with Stifler's mom, and they drive off.

As Stifler comes out of the house, the Benz can be barely seen driving off. After a while, Stifler realizes who was in the car....

The movie ends with the Benz shaking around and screaming can be heard from the inside.

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