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NOTE: This spoiler which was sent in by Brentage5000

Picking up a few minutes after the end of the last one, we find the Yautja youngling Scar lying on a funeral brier, having been placed there in honor from being killed by the Xenomorph Queen at the end of AVP. As the other Yautja aboard ship go to their various ship jobs, we see a chest-burster with mandibles erupt out of Scar's chest. Some time later (with the ship still orbiting Earth), one of the hunters is cleaning trophies (re: skulls) in their display room when he hears a growling behind him. He turns and is immediately impaled by the now fully grown Predalien. Another Yautja hears this ruckus and goes to investigate, arriving on scene just as the Predalien departs. He fires his plasmacaster (shoulder cannon) after it, but misses and manages to breach the hull of the ship instead, sending it crashing to land in....

OCTOBER 11, 2004

In the middle of the forest, Buddy Benson and his son Sam (Kurt Max Runte and Liam James, respectively) are hunting deer. Suddenly, the deer is startled away by the sound of the crashing Yautja spaceship. Buddy and Sam go to investigate, and while Sam wants to look closer, Buddy pulls him away and says they should call the sheriff. They head back to town but Sam ends up tripping on something along the way. Buddy pauses to help him up, but something in the bush starts moving. Buddy whips his gun around just in time to shoot a facehugger with it, but the acid splash makes his arm fall off, and while he's screaming another facehugger lands on him and starts its work. Sam crawls over to see what happened, but he ends up with his own facehugger. Back on the ship, a lone Yautja wakes up and punches something in on his wristpad. It activates just as the Predalien eliminates him, and on the Yautja homeworld another Yautja -- Wolf -- reviews everything that was recorded in the mask of the hunter that sent the images. He rises from his seat, picks up his mask and some weapons, and then takes off for Earth (and all that is just the first five minutes. Woo).

Back in Gunnison, we see Sheriff Eddie Morales (John Ortiz) waiting for someone at a bus stop. The bus arrives and out steps Dallas Howard (Steven Pasquale), town bad boy fresh out of jail. They give each other a rough time, but there's obviously a kind of respect for each other. Dallas asks how his brother is doing, and Eddie hesitates. Meanwhile, we see Deputy Ray Adams (Chris William Martin) in the sewer, looking for the Benson boys. Instead, he finds town squatter Harry (Llyod Berry), who he's repeatedly told not to be there. As Harry is being "evicted", his dog Buster comes in and drops off the arm that used to belong to Buddy, which Ray immediately radios in. Back in town, we see Dallas's brother Ricky (Johnny Lewis) telling his boss that he's not wearing the hat. We then see that he works as a pizza delivery boy, and his boss tells him that no hat equals no job and gives him the latest delivery address, but Jesse blanches when he hears it, although he eventually complies. He goes to the house and there his dream girl Jesse (Kristen Hager) opens the door. She invites him in, where her boyfriend Dale (David Paetkau) immediately proceeds to start that ancient ritual of picking on the socially inferior. Regardless, he drops off the pizza and jokes around a little with Jesse, but once outside Dale bull-rushes him, kicks him, and throws his keys into the sewer. He heads back inside and calls for Jesse to come in too, but she just stands there, looking worriedly at Ricky.

In the forest, we see young Sam wake up with a dead (or empty -- I'm never sure which applies) facehugger on the ground next to him. He gets up and sees his armless dad staggering away. Suddenly, they both double over in pain, and chestbursters are exploding out of both of them (side note: twenty minutes in and they already kill an eight year old kid. This. Movie. Rules.). Elsewhere, Army Ranger Kelly O'Brien (Reiko Aylesworth) is arriving home, joyously greeting her husband Tim (Sam Trammell) and daughter Molly (Ariel Gade). As she and her husband are making strange noises at each other, Molly digs through her pack and finds a pair of night-vision goggles and asks, "Are these for me?" Tim tries to get her hyped about the gift, but she's still kind of shy, and the family goes back inside. That night, we find Harry at his place -- a sewer inlet he shares with two other people -- and sharing a drink with one of them. Suddenly, Buster starts barking, but Harry just tells him to shut up. The other guy goes to see what it was, and he ends up facehugged just as another goes for Harry. He ends up holding it off with first the bottle (Take that, Alcoholics Anonymous!) and then his arm, but when he sees the Predalien and a facehugged Buster, he gets distracted enough to be hugged himself. A few minutes later, the third of their company arrives and sees what happened. She screams and is attacked by the Predalien, which kills her.

That night, in the forest, Eddie has thrown together a search party to find the missing Bensons while a wounded Ricky has gotten thrown together by Dallas, who leads a search party to look for Ricky's keys. As they're both approaching their locations, Wolf is dropped off into a lake outside Gunnison. He emerges from his pod and locates the downed ship. He enters and looks around, finding the source of the transmission he received. He briefly grieves over his fallen brother's body before taking the other one's plasmacaster, medicomp healing device, and several other supplies, including a blue liquid usable for vaporizing remains and a sample of xenomorph skin, which he feeds into his tracking system to determine which way they went. Finally, he sets the self destruct device of the other one and bolts, escaping just before the blast destroys the ship. Elsewhere, we see Molly playing with the goggles (weird kid) when Kelly turns on the light (not a good thing). They talk a little awkwardly and Tim comes in. Kelly picks up a story to read to her but she says she wants Tim to read it, which Kelly reluctantly agrees to, though once she's out of the room, Tim tells Molly that she should maybe show Kelly how much she missed her, since that was all she was talking about before Kelly came home. Meanwhile, Eddie decides that he's going to turn in (since it's nigh on two in the morning) and Ray pipes up that he'll keep things moving. When Darcy Benson (Chelah Horsdal) hears this, Eddie reassures her and says that the best thing she can do now is sleep. Meanwhile again, the Howard Brothers (patent pending) have gone into the sewer. They find the block Jessie lives on and after stepping over a few rats heading fast in the other direction (wonder what they're running from...), they find the grate the keys fell down. Ricky starts digging through shit (literally) while Dallas asks about the girl he's doing this for. Fortunately, Ricky is saved from answering by the discovery of the keys. He rises but his light falls momentarily across a chestburster. He drops the light in and Dallas asks what he saw, but it gets dismissed as a rat, and the two make a quick exit. Back in the forest, Wolf has found the remains of Buddy and Sam and their huggers, and he disintegrates them with that stuff while Ray (who stumbled across him) watches. Suddenly Ray's radio blares and he runs off, but is soon caught up to and killed by Wolf.

OCTOBER 12, 2004

Eddie and Dallas are in the local diner talking about the disappearance of the Benson boys with waitress Carrie Adams (Gina Holden), Ray's wife. She says that he never came home last night and refuses to be reassured by Eddie. Suddenly Eddie gets a call on his radio, and soon he and Dallas are at the morgue examining Ray's skinned body, and Eddie is vowing to get whoever did this. At the same time, Ricky is still nursing his wounds when Jessie comes up and says hi. They talk and she lets on that he knows he's in love with her, though he tries to pass it off in typical teenage fashion. She mentions that she's broken up with Dale and asks Ricky if he wants to go swimming tonight at the high school, and he says yes. She walks off confidently, and Ricky gets a huge grin on his face (as one does).

As night falls, we see Wolf in the sewers, tracking xenomorphs. He comes across the homeless hovel and determines that they've moved on. He uses some gadget to call up a map of the local sewer area and nods. He starts walking through, sticking triangular gadgets at every junction. He makes a triangular route back to his starting place when suddenly the Predalien and a few regular xenos start attacking. He hits a button on his wrist and the triangles spout out laser grids which he starts throwing them into while using both plasmacasters fairly effectively. Once the regs are out, the Predalien gets ahold of Wolf and throws him against a wall before jumping into the street above, along with a few more xenos that showed up. Pissed now, Wolf activates something on his wrist, punches his own hole (cause, you know....just using a hole that was there would be too easy), and follows, pausing only to cloak once he's above street level. Over in the diner, we see Carrie closing up with the cook, who offers to let her stay with him and his wife for the night, but she turns him down. As she's about to lock up the front, she hears a scream from the kitchen and investigates to find the Predalien crouched on top of cook. She screams but her way out is blocked by another xeno. She falls against the stove and is suddenly grabbed around the face by the Predalien, who puts its own mouth over her face and implants a baby xeno in her (yes, it can really do that).

At the bar, Eddie and Dallas are hanging out when Eddie gats a call about a possible gas explosion. He and (for some reason) Dallas head over there. At the high school, Jessie and Ricky break in and start their "date" when Dale suddenly barges in with two of his friends, and eventually all four boys end up fighting in the pool. Meanwhile, Wolf has tracked some xenos to the power plant. He tries for a really long distance shot with one of his cannons, but misses and hits a transformer instead, causing a town-wide blackout (which helps everyone that isn't native to Earth). As Wolf takes care of business there, getting knocked onto an exposed steel girder and slightly impaled in the process, and heals himself, Molly wakes up and starts playing with her goggles. She looks outside and sees a xeno in the bushes and screams for Tim (but not Kelly). Both parents come, and as Kelly says it was just a nightmare, Tim takes his flashlight, goes to the window, shines it outside.....and gets jumped on by the xeno (Take that, parent psychology!). As Tim gets eaten/sliced/whatevered, the girls run off into the rainy night. Meanwhile, at the pool, as soon as the lights go out the Predalien comes out and swims for the kids. Jessie screams a warning and one of Dale's friends gets it, but the other four all make it to the "safety" of the locker room. They find an open window and those with names get out, but the other of Dale's friends is pulled back inside. Officially freaked, the kids run off to find help.

Over at the plant, fires are being put out under the supervision of Eddie as Dallas watches when suddenly up comes the three teens. After hearing what happened, Dallas and Eddie drive back over there with the kids,but they only find a lot of blood and empty pool with a hole in the bottom of it (Wolf's blue stuff ate a hole in the bottom of the floor -- a little too effective, methinks). They get out of there and are heading back into town when they run into Darcy (almost literally). She tells them what she found in the diner (chestbursted Carrie and Cook) and Dalllas realizes they need guns to defend themselves until the National Guard arrives. The six break into a gun store and after calming down the stoned owners start taking everything they can carry. While they're doing so, Molly and Kelly arrive. As they get patched up, the National Guard starts arriving, and Eddie manages to get in touch with them just in time for the whole troop to be taken apart by the xenomorphs. Meanwhile, we see a very crowded hospital, where everyone is checking in with wounds  from the attacks. In one hallway, a nurse passes a bunch of crying babies (there's like twenty) and moves on just before the Predalien rises from it's hiding place in the midst of the cribs. She goes to check on some pregnant women and one of them says she thinks her water just broke. The nurse goes for the doctor but is cut off (literally) by the Predalien, who enters the room and starts impregnating the pregnant women.

In the gunshop, as Eddie tries in vain to get a response, Dallas comforts Molly and Kelly but is suddenly knocked out and strung up by Wolf. Molly finds him strung up and Kelly hands him a shotgun to free himself with just as more xenos start attacking, forcing Wolf to reveal himself. Our heroes make it out of there, although the stoners get cannoned after trying to attack Wolf with pistols and Dale gets melted in the head from spare xenomorph blood (gross, but great effects). They commandeer a hummer and Eddie gets in touch with USAF Col. Stevens, who tells him that there's an airlift from the center of town in thirty minutes. Halfway there, though, Kelly stops the truck and warns them all that the army thinks about containment first and that they're probably heading to blow up the town. Dallas asks for a better plan and someone points out that the hospital has a helicopter on their rood, which Kelly marks as their best bet. Eddie and Darcy don't believe this, but they're interrupted by the appearance of a truckload of survivors. They trade Ricky's boss for Eddie and Darcy, and soon both groups are moving -- the heroes for the hospital, the others for the drop-point.

In the hospital, we see the pregnant woman from before wake up. She looks around briefly and suddenly screams as no fewer than five chestbursters chew their way out of her pregnant belly. Outside, Kelly and her crew arrive at the hospital and Dallas says they need to keep Kelly safe, since she's the pilot among them. Meanwhile, Eddie and Darcy are at the drop-point and Eddie gets back in touch with Stevens, who says that the plane is eight minutes out. He hangs up and on a screen behind him we see the plane is an F-18 Raptor. He closes his eyes and briefly says, "God be with them," as behind him a video showing the attack on the Rangers plays. Back in Gunnison, Wolf finally arrives at the hospital and heads inside, once again making his own door. As the humans try to work their way up, they get attacked and Ricky's boss is killed in the stairway. They get out of the stairwell and exit on the maternity ward floor, where Wolf is currently battling xenomorphs. Jessie makes a break for it and Ricky yells after her just as Wolf fires off two shurikens, one of which pins Jessie to the wall and kills her instantly. Ricky loses it and fires at the retreating Wolf (he's only there for xenos, after all), and Wolf comes for him but is interrupted by another Xeno, which tackles him into the shaft and manages to graze Ricky with its tail, stunning him. Dallas and Kelly pick him up and with Molly in tow they keep making for the helicopter. On the roof, Wolf has fought his way out of the shaft and takes off his cannons, the swivels of which were damaged in the fall. He configures one of them to be used in a pistol-fashion just as the humans appear on the roof. They are blocked by the appearances of both Wolf and the Predalien, which manages to knock Wolf around enough that he loses the pistol. Dallas picks it up and covers their escape as Wolf and the Predalien fight hand-to-hand. The four get separated and Dallas keeps firing until the gun is running low on energy. He looks around and sees one right above him. Just as it gets ready to head bite him, the gun recharges and he fires upward, barely killing it and avoiding the acid. He runs for the copter with his toy and they take off just as the Predalien stabs Wolf with its tail and receives a gauntlet through its face for the effort. As the humans depart, the jet finally arrives and drops its payload, vaporizing all in town, including the still battling Wolf and Predalien. The shockwave hits, and the copter goes out of control, and--

Daylight. Dallas opens his eyes and sees Kelly waking him up. He looks around to see that all four survived the crash. He gets up and picks up the plasmacaster when suddenly something rustles in the bushes. They aim for it, but more rustling surrounds them when a bunch of soldiers step forward, telling them to drop their weapons. Dallas denounces them for destroying the town, but their leader says they were just following orders. Slowly, Kelly and Dallas lower their guns and Dallas hands over the plasmacaster. As the soldiers set up a perimeter and bring in a medic for Ricky, Molly walks over to Kelly and hugs her, asking if the monsters are really gone. Kelly hugs her back and says, "Yes, sweetie. They're all gone..." As she does, though, she gets a strange look on her face, as if she wonders if that's true...

In an undisclosed location, we see Col. Stevens and two other military types walking through a sterile white corridor. In Stevens's hand is an industrial-strength briefcase. One of the men opens a door and they all step through. Inside, a tough-looking Japanese woman stands looking out a window at a heavy industry area. Stevens puts the briefcase on the table and opens it, revealing the plasmacaster inside. He turns to the woman and says, "The technology behind this is incredible. It's like nothing on this planet." He then pauses and regards the woman carefully and says, "But then, it's not for this planet, is it Ms. Yutani?"

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