This is a modern version of Romeo and Juliet set in present day Oakland, California.

The two families are a Chinese and a Black family.

The Oakland waterfront is full of old run down businesses, half of them with Black owners, and the other half with Chinese owners.
The heads of the two families must convince the property owners to sell them the properties so they can in turn, sell them to a group wanting to purchase the properties and build an NFL stadium and thereby be awarded an NFL expansion team.

The problem is that both heads of the families have tough henchmen working for them. They will stop at nothing to get the land owners to sell them the properties. Unfortunately, this usually means killing them.

Delroy Lindo plays Isaak O'Day, the head of the black Family. His daughter Trish, played by singer Aaliyah falls in love with the Chinese Head's son, Jet Li.

Jet Li's brother is killed and we are sure he was killed by Delroy's men. Aalayah's brother is killed and we are sure that it was from the Chinese.

After a few car and motorcycle chases. Unbelievable kung fu action, greatly aided by special effects, we discover that The Chinese henchmen are killing off all the chinese owners standing in their way. The same goes for the Black henchmen, killing off all the black owners standing in their way.

Finally, when all the property is acquired, the NFL pays the Chinese boss 38 million for his property.
When it's Delroy's turn to get his check, he says that he will only give them the property if they make him a part owner. His main henchman doesn't like this idea and a huge fight breaks out.

They both die and the NFL representatives fly off without the deeds.

Jet Li then confronts his father about why he had his brother killed. The father explains that Jet Li's brother was standing in his way and the only way the deal could go down was if he was out of the picture.

Jet is pretty upset but doesn't kill him, knowing that the pain of other people knowing the truth is enough punishment for his father.

As Jet is leaving, his father kills himself.