INSIDIOUS: Chapter 2

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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Spectre.

We open with a prologue. The year is 1986. A vehicle parks outside the Lambert household. A younger Elise Rainer (Lindsay Seim) knocks on the door. A younger Lorraine Lambert (Jocelin Donahue) answers the door. Elise was called by a colleague Carl (Hank Harris) who tells her that after investigating Josh’s case, he realized he needed help. Lorraine shows Elise the photos of Josh being stalked by the Black Bride. Carl tells Elise that Josh won’t talk about what he sees and that he himself is afraid. Elise asks to speak to Josh.

Elise speaks to the eight year old Josh and asks him some simple questions about his house and neighborhood. Elise then asks him if there is something he dislikes about living where he does. “I have bad dreams sometimes,” Josh says.
Elise cuts off all the lights, lights a bunch of candles then sets a metronome. She directs Josh into sleep, asking him more questions about the woman he sees. Josh gets tense. “She’s here,” he says. Elise then says she will look around the house, and tells Josh they will play Hot & Cold as to the location of his “friend.” Elise walks around being directed by Josh’s clues. Eventually she finds his room and realizes that the spirit is hiding in the closet. She looks inside and asks what the spirit wants. Reaching her hand in, her arm is bitten by the spirit.

Elise comes down and explains to Lorraine that the spirit Josh met is no friend. “She’s a parasite,” Elise says and tells Lorraine that it wants to take Josh’s body over. Lorraine asks what they can do. Elise tells her she can suppress his ability to astral project thus denying the spirit the chance of entering his body. Suddenly, Josh in his trance state gets up, cocks his head, and says to someone, “I’ll show you.” Josh walks into the hallway and points at the basement door. It creaks open and Elise recoils in horror. Lorraine pulls her son away and tells Elise to make him forget.

Cue title sequence.

We cut to a fade in of Renai Lambert (Rose Byrne) speaking to a police detective about the death of Elise (Lin Shaye). Renai is honest about the situation with her family, speaking of the spirits that had haunted them, and how they went to Elise for help. The detective, not surprisingly, doesn’t believe a word of it and is more concerned with Elise’s death. The detective thinks someone in the house that night murdered her.

We now return to the final scene of the previous film. Renai has just found Elise dead and is looking for Josh. She discovers the camera with the picture of the Black Bride. Josh (Patrick Wilson) grabs her shoulder, and says “I’m here.” She gasps in surprise, and Josh smiles at her not realizing anything is wrong. That is, until he looks at Elise, dead in the chair. He cries out in horror and Lorraine (Barbara Hershey) and his son Dalton (Ty Simpkins) come in to see what is wrong. Josh tells his mother to take Dalton out of the room and call 911.

The Detective asks Renai if she believes her husband killed Elise. Renai says no because he’s her husband. The Detective says that is not an adequate answer. Furthermore, he is not interested of the ghosts she is talking about; all he is concerned with is actual murderers. The Detective tells Renai they will be checking the DNA evidence to see if Josh’s matches and he will let her know either way.

Later, we see that Josh and Renai have moved their family into his mother’s house for the time being. Dalton and his brother Foster (Andrew Astor) are trying to make the best of it. Foster shows his dad his can telephone he made and asks how long they will be living at the house.

That night Josh puts Dalton and Foster to bed. He pauses at Dalton’s bed. Dalton asks what’s wrong. “I’m just glad you’re awake,” Josh says and kisses him goodnight.

Renai is in the kitchen when she hears the piano playing. She calls out to Lorraine, thinking it is her. Going into the parlor, she sees no one and that the radio is on. She switches it off, then checks on her daughter Cali. Renai hears the piano again, and the baby monitor nearby begins to cackle and come to life. Cali screams and Renai rushes the room to find Cali on the floor; she fell out of her bed.

Renai talks to Josh about the weird stuff going on, saying whatever haunting them isn’t done. Josh doesn’t want to hear it, because he would like it to be all over. Josh tells her what this is about; when he went into The Further to rescue their son, something followed him back. Josh tries to calm his wife and think positively. “We have our son, isn’t that what we should focus on?” he asks as he embraces her.

Specs (Leigh Whannell) and Tucker (Angus Simpson) enter Elise’s home. Specs says he knows he should have some comfort that even though Elise is dead, there is an afterlife to go to. However, he admits it doesn’t help. They hear a door creak open at the back of the house. “She never left the reading room unlocked,” Specs says. They go to investigate.

Freaked out at looking downstairs, they do their own version of rock, paper, scissors called Hunter, Ninja, Bear, with Tucker losing and having to go down first. In Elise’s reading room, Specs spots Elise’s gas mask and is spooked by the TV turning on by itself. Tucker falls into a tape/file room and spots Josh’s interview tape of when he was a boy. They look at it and see when he speaks to apparently no one. “Who is he talking to?” Tucker asks.

Late that night, Lorraine looks around the house, and checks on her grandsons. She sees Dalton and is concerned about his sleep and notices he is talking. As she is listening to what he says, he then utters something that makes her blood run cold. “Grandma, there’s someone standing behind you,” Dalton says. Lorraine looks around quick but sees no one.

Lorraine goes downstairs and checks around. Cali’s wheely chair toy turns on by itself and as she tries to shut it off, a woman in a white dress walks behind her. Lorraine heads to the bathroom to take a pill to calm her down, only to see the woman in her mirror. She turns around and shuts the door. When she opens it to catch the spirit, she instead finds her son there. Lorraine tries to tell her son what happened, but Josh tells her to lie, because if she is seeing things, it will scare his wife, and thus his whole family. Lorraine agrees to lie about it.

The next day, Foster is playing with Josh as Renai sits in the kitchen. Dalton comes in and tells her he had a bad dream. His grandmother came in to check on him and he saw someone standing behind her. Renai is disturbed but calmly tells him it is only a dream. That’s not all though. Dalton sometimes hears voices and sees Josh in the hall talking to himself. “Is there something wrong with Daddy, Mom?” Dalton asks. Renai tells him no.

Josh appears in the doorway, looking strangely and talking in a quiet, sinister voice, telling Renai he’ll take the kids to school, so she’ll have time to rest.

Specs and Tucker meet with Lorraine. Lorraine tells them whatever is haunting their family isn’t done with them yet. Specs and Tucker show her the tape they ripped to a computer and alter it to brighten the video. In the background stands an older man that looks like Josh now. Lorraine is stunned speechless wondering how that is even possible. Lorraine says she wishes they could talk to Elise. Specs and Tucker look at each other.

Renai is in the kitchen when she gets a call from The Detective, telling her that the DNA doesn’t match Josh so for the time being, he is no longer a suspect. As she hangs up, Cali’s wheely chair toy turns on and rolls into the hallway by itself. Renai shuts it off and looks around the living room. As she turns to leave, the White Woman catches her eye. The White Woman turns around and looks at Renai, who stares back in horror. The White Woman runs into the hallway and disappears. Renai hears the baby monitor cackle and a woman’s voice singing “Row, Row, row your boat…”

Renai races to the stairs as the wheely chair toy and other objects fly up without someone touching them. Renai reaches the door but the door shuts. She hears the woman scream and slap Cali as she screams. Renai finally busts the door open to find the room empty. Renai rushes back downstairs to the living room where she nearly collides with the White Woman whose face is contorted with anger. “DON’T YOU DARE!” The White Woman screams, slapping Renai hard, knocking her out.

Specs and Tucker meet Carl (Steve Coulter). They want his help contacting Elise. With Lorraine present, they attempt to, using Carl’s letter dice, his way of contacting spirits. He calls out to Elise and after a few tries gets a response.

“Are you there Elise?” Carl asks. The dice spell YES.

“Did something come back with Josh?” Carl asks. The dice spell SHE DID.

“What does it want?” Carl asks. The dice spell KILL.

“Where is it hiding?” Carl asks. The dice spell OUR LADY ANGLS. Carl thinks it is gibberish, but Lorraine realizes it refers to the hospital she used to work at.

Josh finds Renai knocked out and places her on the couch. He then gets close to her, breathing ominously.

Specs, Tucker, Lorraine, and Carl travel to the now abandoned hospital which is in disrepair. Carl feels the spirit energy of the Black Bride on a particular room and asks Lorraine what it was used for. Lorraine says it was an ICU.

A flashback occurs where Lorraine is with young Josh at the hospital when she had to check on a patient. Josh sees an error message on one of the machines. When he looks back, he sees the man, thought comatose, clawing at him. The man has to be restrained.

A few days later, Lorraine took an elevator ride with the patient who shouldn’t have been out of bed in the first place. Lorraine apologizes to the patient, Parker Crane, about her son, but gets no response. He walks off. Lorraine asks a nurse about Parker, only to find out he committed suicide the night before by jumping to his death. Carl asks why Parker was admitted. Lorraine says because he tried to castrate himself.

Josh wakes up from a nap and goes into the bathroom. Feeling pain, he reaches into his mouth to pull out a tooth. He looks horrified. Josh begins to hear a voice saying his dead soul is killing the living skin. If he wants to live, he has to kill them all. “I can’t do it mother,” Josh says.

Tucker finds Parker Crane’s file in the hospital archives and they find his address.

Renai wakes up on the couch frightened. Josh is there to calm her down. Renai says Cali has been taken but Josh says she hasn’t. Renai goes up to her room, and sure enough, Cali is alive and well. Renai tells Josh that she was attacked, but Josh tells her to relax. Sure, they might be seeing spirits but they have no power since they are dead. If they ignore them, if they don’t face them, they will go away and leave them alone.

Renai takes him to the parlor and explains that a certain song has been playing and plays it for him. Renai asks if he recognizes it. Josh says no. Renai tells him she wrote it for him.

Specs, Tucker, Carl and Lorraine break into Parker Crane’s house. Carl feels something and pauses. Lorraine asks him what is wrong. “Let’s just say not a lot of good things have happened in this house,” he says.

Specs and Tucker go upstairs and find what appears to be Parker’s room, though it has many girly items such as a large dollhouse. As they turn to leave, numerous wooden horses begin to rock on their own. A little girl darts by them. “This is my room,” she says. Specs and Tucker are much freaked out by now and back towards the bed with Specs filming behind his back. He realizes the girl is nearby and turns Tucker around. The girl looks at them. “You can’t be in here. If she sees you, she’ll make me kill you,” she says. Specs and Tucker give her an awkward thank you nod and get the hell out of the room.

Meanwhile, Dalton is at home sleeping when a voice talks to him through the can telephone, saying they having something to show him. He thinks it is Foster and tells him to go back to bed. “I’m not Foster,” the voice says, making Dalton’s eyes snap open quick. He sees his brother still asleep and the other end of the can telephone is inside the closet. The line goes taut, scaring him. He calls out to Foster with no luck. Suddenly, a woman darts out of the closet. Dalton can hear her voice in the can, asking for her pain to stop. Then, she is replaced with a room of spirits clawing at him. Dalton realizes he drifted into The Further, and hops back into his body as the spirits claw at his sheets. Dalton wakes up and his mother comforts him when she hears him cry out.

Cut to Josh screaming in The Further.

Back at Parker Crane’s house, Carl tries to contact Elise through his dice. A chandelier begins to unscrew itself as Lorraine comes in. Carl helps her dodge it in the nick of time. As Specs and Tucker join them, Carl realizes something is very wrong.

“You’re not Elise are you?” Carl asks. The dice spell NO.

“Who are you?” Carl asks. The dice spell out a Latin phrase translated to Mother of Death. Carl realizes it is the spirit of Parker’s mother.

They hear a thumping behind a bookcase and Specs and Tucker push it away. Inside they find a room with fifteen bodies, shrouded in sheets and have been decomposing over a long time. Tucker tries to look at one but vomits at what he sees and tells the others not to touch. Specs notices a case with newspaper clippings speaking of a serial killer called The Black Bride. Carl touches a nearby Black Veil and sees a flash of Parker putting on the costume and killing a girl. Carl realizes that not only Parker Crane was a serial killer, but he is the spirit that has haunted Josh Lambert his entire life; he is the Black Bride. He had tried to possess Josh as a child because his mother abused him to the point that he became a killer. Parker only wanted his childhood back.

Cut to Josh waking up in the house.

Renai has driven home only to be surprised by Lorraine. Lorraine asks about the kids and Renai says they are with a babysitter. Lorraine tells her she’ll explain what is going on but they need to do it somewhere safe. They drive off together.

Carl, Specs and Tucker drive to Lorraine’s house. They realize to save Josh they need him sedated. Carl goes to the door and claims wanting to get closure about Elise’s death. Josh lets him in.

Lorraine explains to Renai that they have to sedate Josh in order to save him. Then perhaps they can find a way to contact him in The Further and get him back to his body.

Carl talks to Josh who denies knowing what happened the night Elise died. Carl spots a tooth on the ground and covertly picks it up. As he goes to leave, Josh grabs his arm and asks if he wants something to drink. Carl says water and takes a moment to ready a tranquilizer shot. Josh surprises him and asks what he is playing with. Carl says he was touching his dice.

Josh says his “mother” told him about his dice readings as he holds a hand behind his back. Carl asks what he has; Josh tells him to ask the dice, since he is apparently so good at it.

“What does Josh…no…Parker Crane, have behind his back?” Carl asks. The dice spell KNIFE.

“Mother was always right,” the fully possessed Josh says and runs to attack Carl.
Specs and Tucker, who had wired Carl, hear from the van that he is in trouble. Despite their attempts to subdue Josh (Tucker even hitting Josh with a taser), they are all knocked out (Tucker with the tranquilizer shot meant for Josh).

Carl wakes up in The Further with Josh finding him in a home from the first film. Josh tells him that unfortunately he is dead. Carl says they need to find Elise to help, and they journey out into The Further.

We see a flashback of Josh being told by Crane’s mother to kill his family. Parker’s spirit however doesn’t want to do it, and argues with her.

Renai drops Cali off at another babysitter and gets a fake text from Tucker saying that they got Josh sedated and is ready. She and Lorraine head back to the house.

Carl is walking with Josh when he stops. Carl tells him that an old man is standing in front of Josh saying “I got your baby,” over and over. Josh looks but doesn’t see him. Carl sees him pointing at something. It is the spirit equivalent of his family’s house.

We flashback again to a scene of the first film in which Renai is talking about voices on the baby monitor. In The Further, Carl and Josh see one of the malevolent spirits he faced before pacing outside the house that goes inside. Josh pounds on the door, and in the real world Josh and Renai hear it, causing a déjà vu occurrence. Josh was the one who knocked that night apparently. Josh in The Further forces his way inside which affects the reality of the real world as the alarm went off when he causes the door to be forced open.

Going to Cali’s room, Josh confronts the man but is easily overpowered. Suddenly, a light enters the room and a voice tells the man to “GO TO HELL!” pushing him through a window. The voice is Elise’s. She had passed on to the good afterlife but returned to The Further when she heard Josh calling for her. She and Carl embrace, though she mentions he shouldn’t be here. Elise tells Josh that if he wants this to end, he needs to find her home, meaning the home of Ms. Crane. Josh doesn’t remember anything however, and Elise says perhaps they are asking the wrong one.

In another flashback time loop, Josh speaks to the memory of his younger self, saying he needs to know where Ms. Crane’s spirit lives. Younger Josh says he’ll show him and points to the basement. “So that’s what that was about,” Elise says with a grin. They go downstairs and find a red door. They open it and go through.

Back in the real world, Lorraine and Renai get home and find Josh sitting at the table, looking like he has aged fifteen to twenty years. Lorraine asks if Carl stopped by, and Josh says no. However, he drops a letter dice he was spinning and Lorraine sees it. Realizing they know, the possessed Josh chases them around the house. He locks Lorraine in the bathroom and then tries to catch Renai. She hits him with a pot then tries to flee but he clocks her with a coffee pot to the head. Josh in another voice, calls her an ungrateful bitch and that when she joins him on the other side, she will see how wrong she was.

Unbeknownst to everyone, the babysitter drops Dalton and Foster off at home.

Josh begins to strangle Renai only to be interrupted by Foster’s screams and Dalton hitting him with a bat. Renai catches her breath and takes her sons down into the basement, locking and bracing the doors along the way.

Meanwhile in The Further, Carl, Elise, and Josh find Ms. Crane’s house and get into Parker’s room. They see a little girl only to realize that it is Parker. We then discover the full scope of Ms. Crane’s abuse. Apparently abandoned by her husband, and obviously having wanted a girl, Ms. Crane had devolved into full blown insanity. She forced Parker to dress up as a girl and rename himself Marilyn. We see her become emotionally and physically abusive when Parker had the gall to draw her a nice picture with “I love you mommy, Love Parker” sentence instead of his “true” name. This, among other factors, eventually led to Parker becoming a serial killer and his eventual suicide. Ms. Crane sees the three of them and screams, forcing Carl and Elise out of the room.

Not having many options, Dalton tells his mother he will go into The Further to get his father out. Renai doesn’t want to lose him but they have little choice. Dalton goes to sleep and wakes up in The Further. Clutching the can telephone, he wraps the string cord around his body.

Elise and Carl bang on the door, telling Josh he needs to destroy Ms. Crane for everything to stop. Josh turns around only to be faced with the shrouded bodies of Parker Crane’s victims. Taking a few off, he is confronted by Ms. Crane and is then caught by her in a chokehold.

Meanwhile, the possessed Josh has crashed through the nearby wall of the basement and crawls through. Renai hits him with a hammer but is soon overpowered. Upstairs, Specs wakes up and hears her screams. Specs frees Lorraine and tries to help Renai but is quickly subdued. Josh sees Dalton sleeping. He raises a hammer over his head.

Elise sees the spirit of the young Parker. Feeling some compassion for the boy he was, not the man he became, Elise begs him to help open the door and stop his mother. If they kill her, it will set his soul free for good. Elise gets the door open and crushes Ms. Crane’s head with a toy horse. In the real world, the possessed Josh screams and passes out.

In The Further, Elise tells Josh and Carl to leave. When Carl says he is dead, Elise tells him he is actually still alive and tells them to leave while they still can. They run out of the house as it degrades around them as Elise watches on. Outside, Carl and Josh are surrounded by spirits but hear Dalton calling for them. Dalton finds them and using the string from his can telephone, directs them to a safe path.

Back in the real world, Renai cradles Dalton begging for him to come back. Dalton wakes up to her happiness, and seconds later, Josh comes back, for real this time. To prove it, Josh says he was the one who had been playing the piano all those times she heard it as a means to contact her. Renai realizes it is really him as only he would play it that badly. The family embraces one another as Tucker, who had finally woken up from the tranquilizer, bursts through the hole in the wall, ready to face the danger that is no longer there.

Carl, alive and well, helps Josh and Dalton fully suppress their astral projection abilities so their family will never be targeted again.

An undisclosed time later, Specs and Tucker drive up to another house. A man answers the door and Specs says they have a message from Allison, his daughter. The man says that is impossible. Specs tells him they speak this message via a friend and says he and Tucker help people like them. The man’s younger daughter pops in the doorway and asks who the woman’s behind them is. The woman is the spirit of Elise who smiles at the girl and goes inside. Elise apparently has contacted Specs and Tucker and now will continue to help them beyond the grave as a good spirit.

Specs and Tucker continue to talk to the man saying that his daughter, Allison, brought something back with her when she was revived from a car accident. The man admits that they all have been experiencing some weird things since that happened.

Elise goes up to Allison, who is apparently catatonic in a wheelchair. Elise looks across the room and sees something standing behind the girl. Her face contorts in horror. “OH MY GOD…” Elise says.

Roll Credits.

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